What is the Catholic belief on ouija boards?

That is one of the most intriguing stories I have ever heard on CAF. Or anywhere else for that matter.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

A bad wish(hex) is put on something so it will bring evil upon the person having it.

A good wish is put on something so it will bring good to the person having it.
This is called a charm.

However, the charms bought in the department stores are merely trinkets to wear on the arm, unless you notice some evil figures or signs on them.

The Miracuous medal was presented to St. Catherine Laboure in 1830, to pass out to people to wear.
Mary made the promise that those who had it blessed could receive GREAT and ABUNDANT graces if they had trust in her and prayed to her for those graces. Here is one example of how the miraculous medal changed the life of Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

With Atheists, they’ve already had people come to them, give them a Bible, suggest stuff to them, then tell them they are going to pray for them. But it doesn’t work, and they usually trash the Bible, so ya got to do the opposite. Reverse Psychology. Set them up for disaster so they can redeem themselves.

I wear the Medal of St. Benedict, this big one cause I’m 6’10".

Being 6’ 10" tall and wearing the Gold Tone St. Benedict Medal was just too small, I had to have something that told people I was Catholic. So that if one of the Pagans or local Witches, Satanists, Muslims, or Protestants wanted to try to win me over to their side, they’d see this and would know better. Turns out, they don’t know what it is, and so I had to use the card that came with the St. Benedict’s Crucifix on Cord in Box and make several copies, so that I could explain all the initials to them.

Power and Efficacy of the Medal

The Medal of St. Benedict is one of the Sacramentals of the Church, and as such it must be used. The value and power of the Medal must be ascribed to the merits of Christ Crucified, to the efficacious prayers of St. Benedict, to the blessing of the Church, and especially to the faith and holy disposition of the person using the Medal.
The following is a partial list of the many favors obtained through the devout use of the St. Benedict Medal.
The Medal is powerful in obtaining for sinners the grace of conversion, and of overcoming evil habits such as drunkenness
It obtains protection and aid for persons tormented by the evil spirit, and in temptations against holy purity.
It procures assistance in the hour of death.
It has often proved an efficacious remedy for bodily ills, a means of protection against contagious diseases and to destroy the effects of poison.
The Medal is a powerful means to destroy witchcraft and all other diabolical influences.
It secures for expectant mothers special assistance from heaven.
Frequently this Medal has been found to be a marvelous protection against fire, tempests and storms on land and sea.
Even domestic animals have been visibly aided by it when sick or injured.

If you have a friend battling with addiction, then have them wear this, and the demons of drunkenness will be dealt with.

How do you get them to take the boards?

Avoid Ouija boards like the plague.

I was wondering the same thing???

Just looked up the price for them at Walmart…average price $15 out the door. I’d rather donate money…just a thought

I agree…

Im kind of surprised walmart even sells them, after all, isnt it common for walmart to only sell the censored version of popular music?

Back when I was younger I remember buying the Ice Cube tape Gorillas in the mist and found it was the censored version, took it back and was told walmart only sells censored versions, this was in 1994/95 though.

I just looked them up on line and there they were, don’t know if they are on the store shelves.

I don’t know anything about Walmart selling censored products…sounds like a good idea though…

Ouija Boards are nothing short of a beacon and sign of willing participation in demonic activity. They are nothing to be messed with. Even being in the room where one is used can be potentially dangerous. Sometimes the building one of these boards is being used in can be infested with only one use!

Truthfully, I have no idea why people use this garbage. Demons are good guessers. Like computers they can calculate probability and arrive at conclusions with greater accuracy than we can. However, 99% of the time they will skew their predictions in a negative and scary way. In short, they never hand out useful information but merely mess with people’s heads.

I agree, I dont understand why people would want to get involved in this, but I did find it interesting when I was younger and thought nothing could hurt me. but it does not surprise me that most retailers sell this item, we all know there is a definite agenda out there by large corporations and they do not want God being part of it!!! LOL

I think if Jesus came back today and saw the mass consumerism and materialistic people giving their money away in droves, I tend to think it would be similar to what he did to the money changers in the temple! I think when Jesus does come back…it will not be a good thing for these HUGE retailers.

sorry this response is long overdue.the name of that periodical was kyregma and i read it etiher in the late 90’s or early 2000’s .the publisher is based in the philippines and i dont believe they archive their articles,if im not mistaken.

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