What is the Catholic Church's stance on UFOs and aliens


I don’t know if this subject has ever been talked about on this website, but I think it is a very valid, interesting topic with lots of different points of view you could approach it from, both from a religious and secular view point.

Ever since I was young, I believed in aliens. This was probably because when I grew up, shows like Sightings, the X-Files, and other shows of the sort had made impressions on me and probably is what led me to being open-minded to the paranormal in general. Being a child, you want to know everything, but at the time there was no computers (at least in my home) and internet, to my knowledge, didn’t exist in the late 80s/early 90s (please correct me if I’m wrong about this).

So, because of a lack of information, I wasn’t really able to research anything, and it was left up to my own imagination to determine what I wanted to believe and not.

Well, that was then and this is now. I’m all grown up, I’m not naive anymore (at least not as much as a child:p ) and I’m capable of intelligent thought and deliberation. I’m also more spiritual and religious than I’ve ever been, and I must say that part of the reason I wanted answers later in my life was because I wondered how God figured into this whole alien mess with what the conspiracy theories, the NWO, alien abductions, and all the rest.

Belief in the possibility of the existence of aliens as God’s creation is permissible, I think. Ufology, however, and the cults these generate are not. In fact, as time passes, the UFO phenomenon becomes more and more occult and we see it tied in more with new age mysticism and in some circles, even satanism. I’m sure we all remember that Heaven’s Gate cult that committed suicide in their sneakers (those were sneakers right?:stuck_out_tongue: )

People must be careful in how deeply they get sucked into this subject matter, because it can lead to dark places.

If aliens are real, as in, from outer space, with advanced technology and intelligence, I don’t see why many people think this would be the end of religion on this planet and that if the aliens showed up, all our religious institutions would collapse, and everything we believe will be proven a lie, by default, simply by the presence of the alien visitors. Theres always that pessimistic lot, and I never understood them. For the sake of conversation, lets say aliens definitely are real and they landed. Why would we forsake our religion? Wouldn’t it be all the more wonderous and a marvel of God’s creation, and, perhaps even a blessing that He willed we meet these creatures? Why would it mean the end of religion and that Jesus and all the other holy figures would be thrown out the window? I never understood that. The aliens are not gods and did not create us, I don’t believe that, and it is a Satanic deception to believe that.

What this gets me down to is my personal opinion:

Aliens ARE real, but the truth is, they’re really demons (fallen angels) who have taken the form of “little grey men”, usually the typical alien grey, and through these forms they demonically attack people, both in the waking world and in their sleep. In fact, it makes more sense when you consider the abductions. People say they’re paralyzed, taken from their beds/homes, taken to a ship, and terrifying medical experiments are performed on them by the greys. Well, it’s not a stretch to think that these are just dreams that the demons create in your dream state and enter into your subconscious to attack and violate you. It also makes for why the abductees don’t remember until they go through hypnotic regression (as it was a dream to begin with).

What I want to know is why they do this and what purpose does it serve to present themselves as aliens, as opposed to demons, which is arguably scarier. Are the “aliens” grooming mankind for a final world-wide deception? They already make ships appear in the sky (the Bible does say the enemy and false prophets will perform signs and wonders in the sky to mislead the nations).

From what I’ve heard, the whole point of this alien deception is to so demoralize and desensitize us (Satan has already done that through tv and such with alien movies, etc) to prepare us for a point that when the “aliens” land and greet us, we will accept them, bow to them, and worship them, making what the pessimists say true- religions will fall and belief systems will perish.

Afterall, if aliens are standing right in front of you and talking to you, isn’t that more than God has done for most people, since He works primarily through faith and not physical appearances? I’m sure that, if this scenario could happen, it would make sense why so many would be beside themselves, lose their faith, and not know what to do, especially if the aliens are carrying on about how they can teach us the ways of the universe, the mystery of life, etc.

I think that if aliens have anything to do with the end times, they will be a tool used by Satan to deceive humanity. Thank God we already know the ending, and that it is good.:smiley:

So, can anyone quote the Church on this issue? I don’t want this topic to be seen as a sort of general discussion, and I created it in Moral Theology because I’m seeking a technical answer. Please try not to carry on in a general way , talk about conspiracy theories, etc, as this might cause the thread to be moved elsewhere, before I get an official answer, which would defeat the purpose of this thread. I know it may not seem fair, since I did a bit of that myself, but it was for the sake of building up this thread so that it wasn’t just a question that would be disregarded once it was answered. We can talk about it later in full, if you want, hopefully AFTER someone provides us with an official word from the Vatican.

Thanks, l look forward to your responses!


Try reading C.S. Lewis’ The Space Trilogy. He has a nice take on Christianity and Aliens.


Thanks for the tip.:slight_smile:

By “nice take” do you mean he paints the aliens in a good or bad light? I’m not sure whether or not I would be interested based on his approach.


Article from National Catholic Register
you need to be a subscriber to view the actual article though, so I pasted it entirely.

Alien Life Out There

Vatican Astronomer’s Take

On Extraterrestials



May 25-31, 2008 Issue | Posted 5/20/08 at 1:27 PM

VATICAN CITY — Extraterrestrials: Do they exist?

The head of the Vatican Observatory thinks there’s a good chance they do, and that their existence would be in keeping with the faith.

In a May 14 interview with the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano May 14, headlined “The Extraterrestrial Is My Brother,” astronomer Jesuit Father José Gabriel Funes said that according to his “scientific judgment,” the existence of extraterrestrials is a “possibility.”

“Astronomers contend that the universe is made up of a hundred billion galaxies, each of which is composed of hundreds of billions of stars,” he said. “Many of these, or almost all of them, could have planets. [So] how can you exclude that life has developed somewhere else?”

The Vatican Observatory is one of the oldest astronomical research institutions in the world, and has its headquarters at the papal summer residence in Castel Gandolfo just outside Rome.

Its main research telescopes, however, are located at the University of Arizona in Tucson.

Father Funes, who took over as head of the observatory in 2006, denied that the existence of other intelligent life-forms would contradict Christian belief.

“As there exist many creatures on earth, so there could be other beings, also intelligent, created by God,” he said. “This doesn’t contradict our faith because we cannot put limits on the creative freedom of God. To say it as St. Francis [of Assisi], if we consider some earthly creatures as ‘brother’ and ‘sister,’ why couldn’t we also talk of an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? He would also belong to creation.”

The Argentine Jesuit explained that scientists studying the question of extraterrestrial life have made much progress in recent years, and will soon be able to identify if other planets have the conditions necessary for life. He added that, in theory, forms of life could also exist in parts of the universe without oxygen and hydrogen.

When asked how aliens could be redeemed, Father Funes referred to the Gospel parable of the lost sheep. Aliens, he speculated, could already be redeemed because they could have remained in full friendship with God, while the human race “could be precisely the lost sheep, the sinners that need the shepherd.”

But what if they were sinners like us? Father Funes replied that just as Jesus is believed to have come to save mankind, so he was sure that they, “in some way, would have the chance to enjoy God’s mercy.”

Father Funes’ comments are not novel: Jesuit Brother Guy Consolmagno, a fellow astronomer at the observatory, discussed similar themes in a booklet he wrote for the Catholic Truth Society in 2005.

The question has also been debated within the Church since the Middle Ages and was discussed by Christian apologist C.S. Lewis, whose fictional “Space Trilogy” featured extraterrestrial beings.

In an essay Lewis wrote in 1958, originally called “Will We Lose God in Outer Space?”and later retitled “Religion and Rocketry,” he argued that the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life would not necessarily contradict Christian theology.

And like Father Funes, Lewis said it was possible that such beings, if they exist, might have fallen from a state of grace and in that case might be redeemed through God’s mercy. Lewis added that it was even possible that other beings with souls might be redeemed through Christ’s sacrifice for the redemption of humanity at Calvary, citing St. Paul’s comment in Romans 8:19-23 that the whole of creation is longing to be delivered from slavery and that this deliverance will occur only when Christians fully exercise the “glorious liberty” conferred on them.

If intelligent life did exist, had fallen and could not be redeemed by God, either through Christ or in another way, this could pose a challenge to the Christian faith, Lewis acknowledged.

But, he said, “I think a Christian is sitting pretty if his faith never encounters more formidable difficulties than these conjectural phantoms.”

Added Lewis, “Christians and their opponents again and again expect that some new discovery will either turn matters of faith into knowledge or else reduce them to patent absurdities. But it never happens.”

Brother Guy believes there have been no theological statements on the subject by the Vatican apart from one allegedly made in the 1950s that he has so far been unable to track down.

Nonetheless, contrary to many reports in the secular press, Father Funes’ comments to L’Osservatore Romano do not represent an official Vatican statement but remain merely his personal views.

However, the fact they were published in the Vatican newspaper signifies support of the wider Church for the acceptability of his position regarding the possible existence of intelligent aliens.

“Essentially, it is evidence that the Vatican hierarchy agrees that there’s no problem,” Brother Guy said May 14.

He also added that the article’s publication is an “indication of its support” for the observatory following “inaccurate reporting” in some secular newspapers last year that the Jesuit astronomers had been told to leave their home at the papal summer residence.

Vatican on Darwin

Elsewhere in the L’Osservatore interview, Father Funes said that science and religion need each other and noted many astronomers believe in God.

“Science and religion are two allies that elevate the human spirit,” he explained, quoting Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. “There can be tensions or conflicts, but we mustn’t be afraid. The Church mustn’t fear science and its discoveries.”

The Vatican is demonstrating its willingness to dialogue constructively with science by sponsoring initiatives that discuss scientific theories and discoveries. Next March, the Pontifical Council for Culture, in association with the University of Notre Dame, will host a Rome conference marking the 150th anniversary of the On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin’s seminal work on the theory of evolution.

Conference organizers say the meeting is intended to chart a middle course between the antagonistic ideological positions of an antireligious metaphysical evolutionism and a fundamentalist creationism based in a literal interpretation of the Book of Genesis.

Another co-sponsor of the Darwin conference is the Rome-based “Science, Theology and the Ontological Quest,” also known as the STOQ project. Six pontifical universities are participating in the STOQ project with the objective of improving dialogue between science and philosophy.

“We hope this will really be an example of how to hold an open discussion without overtones,” said Professor Gennaro Auletta, director of the specialization “Science and Philosophy” at the Pontifical Gregorian University and a leading contributor to the STOQ project. “We simply wish to dialogue between people whose mission is to understand a little more.”

(Register staff contributed to this report.)

Edward Pentin writes from Rome.


You arent the only one who thinks aliens are demons, and part of a world wide deception.


[LEFT]I also feel that we cannot ignore the increasing manifestation of UFO’s and crop circles. One researcher estimates that there are six “sightings” somewhere in the world every hour. I agree with many other Christians that these are demonic deceptions. For one thing, in those who have been “abducted”, they leave a “residue” of after-effects which are very similar to demonic possession, including often the smell of sulfur. Interestingly enough, there is a belief within the New Age that the mythology of the gods and the human race was “birthed” from aliens…. aliens who will return at some point to bring us into an age of peace and harmony.

If you have any questions about aliens and the end times or about anything on Marks blog you might want to visit us over at the end times speculation thread. Currently we are talking about spiritual preparation but you can jump in with any subject at any time.


I’ve never seen an Eskimo Curlew, an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker, or a Moa, but if one of them showed up in front of me, it wouldn’t make me question God. Even if they spoke.

That’s one of the things I love about Catholicism- it isn’t anti-intellectual or anti-science. It embraces a responsible use of both.
Here’s an article from CNS about aliens:

Contrast that with an article I read a few years ago in *Christianity Today *(though sadly, I couldn’t find it online to reference) which categorically stated that UFOs/aliens, etc. were from the enemy.

Short answer: I don’t think there is an “official” Church stance on the subject, and rightfully so. The Faithful are called to use their God-given gift of reason and intellect on the subject.


I see opinions on this from various Catholic sources, but nothing official.
In my personal opinion, the alien sightings which have been reported thus far will invariably have some natural explanation to them. To date, and to my knowledge, no one has come up with an actual corpus delecti of an alien that can be seen and touched by everyone.
This does not mean that aliens may not exist somewhere out there in the great cosmic beyond, but I don;t see the incontrovertible evidence for this on earth itself.


FWIW, I am in the process of writing a novel (pencil and paper, and only for the purpose of getting the story out of my system) about our being discovered by a race of aliens who, as it turns out, were also the result of a special creation, only they had never sinned–the original pair were still alive. They have no concept of disobedience, and no experience of death.



First, it is permissable to believe there is life out there, somewhere. Second, there is no evidence of any aliens on planet earth in the last 100 years. Third, in the United States, there are two explanations for UFOs, they don’t exist or they are from outer space.

In the late 1960s, the University of Colorado studied UFOs and published the Condon Report. Its conclusion? UFOs don’t exist. At that point, in 1969, Project Blue Book, which was set up by the US Air Force to investigate UFOs, was shut down.

The UFOs are reported as aluminum colored disks or dirigibles. They can travel at very high speeds. Any good library has plenty of good books about this subject. The internet is a very poor source of good information.

The Crop Circles are hoaxes. This is based on my early research when the phenomenon first appeared. There is no evidence UFOs are created or manned by demons or devils.

God bless,


I've heard it said that the only bishops who have ever stated the possibility that aliens exist have subsequently been abducted by them. That's their punishment for teaching falsehood.


UFO's can be from

vessels from another world
vessels from our world
Something else

I know for a fact as former military intellegence, some were from our world -- yes, secret military aircraft. Project Blue book invistigated many UFO's to find that they were natural things like a weather ballon or swamp gas. Since, many UFOist recieve things like the Uranta Book from them, those are clearly demons putting on a show for deception that supports the New Age Movement. To our knowledge we have not been contacted from other planets. If you think about it, if they were advanced enough to do space travel, billions of miles through space, why would they bother with a race that is warlike? Execpt maybe, to have us for dinner as the main course. :eek:


This whole aliens business is a pop-culture phenomenon, which means it is manufactured and introduced by the media without any obstacles being seriously presented by either education or government. I have heard both Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons have a peculiar infatuation with other planets and the possibility of life there. Hardly an encouraging example.

It's hilarious people would believe in UFOs from extra-terrestrial beings of near infinite technological ability or capacity based on the statements of a few persons, but then turn around and bash Christianity as being somehow baseless ! It's like the world is having a big laugh by demonstrating how usurping politics, education and media they can get people to believe just about anything, while duping people out of believing something so wonderfully True as the Christian Faith.

I remember reading earlier Christian writings where it was imagined that the demons/devils, being aerial creatures, could potentially make a kind of residence in the heaven*s* (that is, what we would call "space," and not Heaven itself), which may explain why paganism was so happy to include constellations and planets in its theologies and pantheons. This combination of human gullibility and demonic perversion may have been a complete fabrication simply to make a mockery of man before his True God ; however, it's not a little disturbing that today some people expect some superior intelligent beings to come down from the heavens and teach man "the way." It's a seeking of salvation from a lower (material) order, which may be why it's so tempting to materialistic people.



As far as i know,the vatican has no official stance on UFOs and aliens,though members within the vatican may have their own personal opinion.

personally i feel they are demonic and will be part of an end times scenario involving “good” and bad extradimensional entities who perhaps claim to be our creators.

I realize that sounds a bit like Zecharia Sitchins weird claims,but i suppose he was compelling enough to initiate a meeting with the vaticans chief demonologist in early 2000s. Interestingly they came to the conclusion that aliens were not demons.


I read the link, and personally think Br Consolmagno should study his scripture a bit more as the “sons of god” begetting children is not referring to angels. He seems to be promoting the possibility of alien(demon) human hybrids which appears to be a GREAT deception.

Also I have read the scriptures concerning supposed evidence of aliens,and they seem more symbolic than anything.


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