What is the Catholic teaching on Beatific vision and the final Resurrection?


For those that have already died in God’s good standing, I understand they have the beatific vision (or are in purgatory or have gone through purgatory). Then I understand that after the 2nd coming, those in heaven will be reunited with glorified bodies.

Are the Beatific state and the state of our glorified bodies both called “heaven”?

Since there is no time in heaven, could those who have died be considered to already experience the final glorification of their bodies?


Hi Marco,

Yes, the beatific vision, seeing God “face to face”, is heaven. This is what we have been created for. When we are again whole, body and soul, we shall be in a glorified body in what Revelation calls “a new heaven and a new earth”. This could be the “material part” of our heaven, perhaps something like Genesis describes as existing before the Fall.

How we exist and act in a timeless dimension is a highly speculative area. I don’t feel up to discussing that.


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