What is the Catholic teaching on inducing child birth?

What, if any, is the Catholic moral teaching on a doctor inducing child birth? My wife and I are expecting our 5th child, thanks be to God!(due date is Christmas Eve). Her doctor has scheduled to induce labor on Monday, December 27. Hopefully the baby will come before that and this whole question will be mute. But just in case, I’d like to know the mind of the Church. She has went past her due date on all of our first four children and the deliveries have all gone very smooth with the exception of number 4 that had to be a C-section. My wife doesn’t want another C-section.

Merry Christmas

Dear C,

The inducing of labor is a morally neutral activity in itself. If there is reason for it, the Church has no objections.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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