What is the catholic teaching on

dinosaurs ?

Why did they rule the earth?


I don’t believe the Church has a teaching on dinosaurs. There’s no reason to.

If they ruled the earth, it would have been due to numbers and, in some cases, size.

There are a lot of good books & videos on the dinosaurs. Check your local library.

the Church has no teaching on dinosaurs.

I don’t think I understand your question. There is no “why”.

Some of the species of dinosaurs were the apex predators in their environment. Others were not.


The Church itself has been called a dinosaur for not caving in to modern times. I take it as a compliment , not an insult.

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Some SSPX don’t believe they existed.

Some sspx are fools then. No better than the answers in genesis crowd.

Honestly the most believable SSPX belief

There is no Church position on that. And if you go farther in time the fossil record shows that the trilobite, a marine species, ruled the seas and the ‘world’ as it were.

Why not? Now we have fossil fuels and birds and stuff

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God was obsessed with them at the time?
Like that phase kids go through.


Their main purpose was to confuse biblical fundamentalists.

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dinosaurs lived during a certain (very long) period in history; they are gone now (thank you)

just like many species

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