What is the Catholic view of Dispensationalism?

And when it all ends in a mushroom cloud, get back to us on how your wonderful fairy tale of a theology has helped the world.

First, I want to apologize for the spelling errors as that was not my draft copy before I corrected and posted that response before I had saw what I did and when I went back I could not edit it because I needed to contact the administrator. Given my education level, I am embarrassed at posting that response with all the spelling and grammatical error. I will be Much more careful in the future.

I only respond to questions in this forum with what the Bible says. I have no agenda other than to clearly state what scripture states about God’s plan. The only comments I get on this forum when this topic comes up are usually caustic like yours because you and others here have no biblical or scriptural response to what you call “dispensational” viewpoint or whatever you wish to call it. The reason is that the viewpoint is 100% based upon the integration of scriptural passages throughout the OT / NT of God’s plan and how they are connected in a logical sequence. Each scriptural passage “fits” perfectly with other parts of scripture. e.g., Daniel pointing to what Jesus states in Luke and Matt, and then those verses in context (e.g. rules of hermeneutics applied to the exegesis of scripture) supporting what is stated by Paul in Romans and 2 Thessalonians. And those pointing to scripture in Revelation and then back to the books of the prophets Ezekiel, Isaiah.

I another thread I read responses about the “antichrist” and some got it right but others including the guy on you tube which I watched claims there are multiple “antichrists’ which he claims is stated in Revelation, but provided zero scriptural references and no biblical basis as the concept of multiple “antichrists” has no biblical foundation.

ALL scripture is God breathed and in 2 Timothy 3:16, “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:…”.

I am not putting forth a “fairy” tale, merely stating what the Bible says and how thee passages are all connected within the same context. It is actually very sad that you think that the writers of the Bible (Daniel, Ezekiel, Luke, Matt, Paul (Romans, Thessalonians), wrote this book as a set of fairy tales and cryptic messages.

Another near term “fairy tale” by the prophet Ezekiel is in chapters 38:39, where the prophet writes many centuries before Jesus that Israel, “in the latter days” will be attacked by Iran (Persia) and its allies, from the North backed by the Russian (Gog and Magiog) military supplies and support (who want a spoil). God intervenes for the world to see, and the Holy Spirit goes to great extent to describe the 9 month cleanup of the war by government workers and all the contamination that exists as people are forbidden to enter this area. Israel will use supplies / war materials captured for seven years. This is the only battle in the Bible where the cleanup is described. So, you are not far off about the possible use of nuclear weapons in the middle east. Thanks to repalcement theology, a lot of anti-semitism exists in th world today.

This event has never happened yet. If you think so, give me the biblical / scriptural passages that confirm this. I guess you would say that this is just not a fairy tale, but a 3,000 year old coincidence that the reality of the event Ezekiel describe could happen at any moment!

God bringing Israel back into the their land as a nation debunks the RCC has replaced Israel and inherits all the promises God made to them. Perhaps you think that Israel does not exist or it is just coincidence that they become a nation after 2,000 years and prosper, an event no other people have ever experienced. This egathering is more unlikely than the Native Americans coming back to recapture, rule and govern the land now called the USA, and that was just a couple of hundred years ago. All the prophecies in both the new and old Testament have come true “literally”, why would you think the ones yet unfilled will not come true literally or that these prophecies are “fairy tales”. When the Holy Spirit (i.e., He that restrains evil) in 2 Th. is removed from this earth God is going to send the people of the earth a great delusion as the antichrist (Son of perdition) is revealed and who will perform lying wonders (have great powers) and God send a “lie” that most will believe. And I bet you will one of them.

Have a Blessed Day!

The Catholic view of the End Times is described in the Catechism of the Catholic Church in paragraphs 673-677.

Well, what you understand it to say, because there is interpretation involved and that interpretation is different depending on what you (we) take as literal and what you (we) don’t. Search the internet and you will find a lot of what the Bible “says”. Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, ALL based on what the Bible “says”.

Bottom line is that you (we) need to be prepared. Whether by death, rapture, end of time or whatever, our judgement awaits. That’s really the point that needs to be gotten. All the rest is just speculation.

What I was asking for was the Catholic view of this teaching. Your
posts I have already been exposed to, and even taught myself in Sunday School. I simply cannot agree that the Bible teaches this. It is your interpretation, not what the Bible says.
What is your opinion of what that Catholic Church teaches on this subject?

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