What is the Catholic view on gender dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria meaning:

“the condition of feeling one’s emotional and psychological identity as male or female to be opposite to one’s biological sex”

There seem to be some biological and scientific basis for this condition even tho the people suffering from it is quite small. Is it recognized as a legitimate condition along the same lines of homosexuality? How is the individual with the condition meant to deal with it? A popular solution is going transgender to “align” the psychological identity and the biological sex and thus alleviate the dissonance the individual is having.

How is this viewed within Catholicism?

The Catholic view is that gender dysphoria is inherently disordered. The same goes for homosexuality. There is no scientific basis for saying that someone is “born in the wrong body.”

Ditto and Saying things like science proves or science says or the like is not a really good explanation because in the early twentieth-century science said that certain races and ethnicities were lesser than those of Northern European descent.

There is no such thing as a Catholic view on gender dysphoria because it is a medical/scientific inquiry.

Catholic teaching would apply in how we ought to respond to behavior, feelings, and circumstances of life.

Please cite church authority that states that position? Not your own personal interpretation of scripture, but actual church teaching?

I agree with most of your statement on homosexuality, and that your view is almost consistent with the church, however there is no scientific basis to sugest homosexuals are “inherently disordered”.

Most educated Catholics will tell you that gender dysphoria is a real condition. However, it does not mean that there is such a thing as a “woman being trapped in a man’s body”, it may feel that way but it doesn’t mean it is true.

Other Catholics who are quite ignorant will tell you that it is just a phase people go through to fit in or a demonic possession. Clearly that’s false.

People with this condition deserve to be treated with love, obviously. We are not sure how they are supposed to live with such a heavy cross because science has not discovered a cure. Transitioning is considered the best way to relieve the intense feelings of discomfort, but that doesn’t mean it goes away.

Transitioning is not accepted in the church. (ie you cannot change your gender) but I’m not too sure about it in general. There is this guy I know with gender dysphoria and he dresses up like a woman and takes hormones and such, but he does not call himself as a woman or expect us to. He just does it to feel better. He actually finds the gender theory disgusting because he struggles with the dysphoria and people are acting like genders are fluid comes across as insensitive to him. :shrug:

I’ll let the poster cite it, but it’s in the catechism. Homosexual attraction is disordered, not the person.

I thought we are to love those who have SSA, not turn them away from the church just because they are “inherently disordered” by birth? Perhaps I misunderstood.


As noted, it’s the homosexual act which is disordered, not the person. We all suffer from different temptations.

As for ‘Gender Dysphoria’ It’s not in the Catechism to my knowledge, however, the Catechism involves a section on mutilation, which is what surgery involves. Logically the Church would also be against grooming those suffering with Gender Dysphoria with fallacies like ‘woman trapped in man’s body’ and things like Hormones, and Puberty Blockers etc which are usually a direct path to later surgery.

Sex reassignment or sex change surgery are not ‘therapeutical’ because gender dysphroia is a mental illness and not a physical one.

Anyway, that’s what I could find.

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Loving someone does not equate to welcoming everything they do or say.

And the Church has always taught that soul and body are inextricably united – broken only by human death; as such there can be no “wrong body.” The soul is formed in and for the body; the human body is grown around and for the soul.


It helps me understand your point of view, and what you believe the church may think on the issue of transgenderism, but you have failed to offer any authority on the matter, and you yourself said it was not in the catcehism. How can we be so sure about such a serious issue if the church has not (or is unwilling at the moment) to issue an authority or church teaching on the SPECIFIC issue of transgender persons.


As others have said, it is not the homosexuals who are disordered, but the homosexual act. Others also have cited the CCC. Perhaps, as one user said, gender dysphoria is a scientific issue, not a Church issue. But, mutilation is evil, as can be found in another user’s post.

EDIT: I see you already responded to some of this. I would guess that neither the catechism nor any infallible teachings address this because it hasn’t been an issue for more than 10-20 years.

If your waiting for a statement on a ‘specific’ case, you will be waiting a long time and probably will never get it I think, especially not one involving a recent center stage issue such as ‘transgenderism’.

But using reason and what we do have (Such as the Churches teaching on amputation and mutilation), we can reason that sex reassignment surgery or sex change surgery is contrary to the moral law, and the same I think would be said for ‘grooming’ those suffering with Gender Dysphoria down that path. Especially since it is not possible for one to change their sex, they can only amputate or mutilate parts of their bodies to gain the appearance of the opposite sex.

If it helps, Trent Horn (Apologist for Catholic Answers) has written an article on it - catholic.com/magazine/online-edition/five-questions-for-supporters-of-gender-transitioning

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That may be your view, though I suspect you don’t properly understand the words you are using.

The experience of a dysphoria is a distressing condition and the sufferer deserves compassion. And for many, the experience of homosexual attractions is also distressing and persons suffering in that way also deserve compassion.

The Church teaches that homosexual acts are by their nature disordered and thus always wrong to choose.

The most recent medical and psychological research is found here…


I thought youngapologist3 said it fairly well. It’s only the words ‘intrinsically disordered’ that I have seen people take out of context.

I agree, I don’t think youngapologist3 was disputing that.

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Yes, I guess you did. The attraction is objectively disordered. The homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered. And whether the biological makeup of the person plays any part in their experience is not relevant to the nature on the inclinations and the acts.

I think Trent is a bit loose with his use of the term “delusional”. It is delusional for a man to claim he is Napoleon Bonaparte. Objectively that is not the case. I think we would also agree that it would be delusional for a mother of 3 to declare that she is in fact John Wayne, or indeed “I am a man”.

But this is not quite the claim being made by the sufferer of gender dysphoria. Such persons are acutely aware of their bodily makeup. They are not denying what is objectively true. They are saying that yes - I can see my body for what it is - but my thoughts, my sense of self, is of a woman. And the dissonance they experience is distressing, and the actions they pursue (be it dressing, use of particular pronouns, etc) are directed at easing the mental disconnect - by reducing awareness of the dissonance.

Whether this is a curable mental illness - or the consequences of something gone amiss biologically (impacting the brain) and which is not changeable - I have no idea.

In so far as surgery is concerned, I can only imagine that if such surgery can be contemplated, the motivation must be extremely high.

It is difficult to be too prescriptive as to what forms of “dealing with the condition” are acceptable or unacceptable without a deeper understanding of the condition and how it impacts individuals, and what treatment option exist. But certainly I part ways with some in the “transgender community” when the social accommodations requested become extreme. For example, a transgender man expecting a woman to regard “him” as no different to a man in terms of a potential romantic partner completely ignores the reasonable expectations of the other person - and IS a denial of the realities.

Where did you get the idea that the Church thinks that we should turn them away? The church did not turn prostitutes and murderers away, so why would they do that for someone who cannot help it?

The phrase “inherently disordered” does not mean that they are gross or are naturally sinners. Back in the day, Jewish people would think a blind man was blind because he was born a sinner or some messed up reason like that. Of course, we know that they are misguided. The phrase simply means that it’s not “natural” or “not of God”. (edit: this is putting it in a very simple way)

This means that gender dysphoria is not caused by God, in fact, one would say that it is the result of the fallen nature of human beings. As with mental disorders or genetic mutations. People usually say “God makes no mistakes” when it comes to these issues, including homosexuality and gender dysphoria. But it is a “mistake” and it is “something wrong”. God didn’t make these things though.

So while homosexuality and gender dysphoria are disordered ie not something that God made and intends for us to have, it does not mean that we should harass them and hurt them . The catechism even states that.

We have some posters here that do that, which is unfortunate. But that doesn’t mean that we can do it. In fact, a male who is attracted to males won’t go to hell because of his ATTRACTION but a homophobe would probably go to hell because of his homophobia.

I assume the phrase you mean to explain is “intrinsically disordered”. It is the description of an act - and its meaning is that such an act (such as fornication or calumny or same sex sexual acts…) is always wrong to choose. There can be no circumstance or purpose in/for which that act is good.

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