What Is the Catholic World News?


Someone e-mailed me a post from Steve Ray’s blog where he quotes the Catholic World News. Here it is -

"The mission of the Jesuit order, as understood by most of its members, has changed radically in recent decades. As recently as the mid-20th century, the Jesuits were known as stalwart defenders of the Pope, who trained loyal young Catholics to defend Church doctrines. Today they are inveterate critics of the Vatican, who train young Catholics to question their faith. Is there any discussion among Jesuit leaders of a return to the defense of Catholic orthodoxy? Evidently not.

Perhaps not coincidentally, as the Jesuits have maneuvered to establish what amounts to a “loyal opposition” within the Catholic Church, the order has suffered heavily from defections and lost its ability to attract young recruits. In 1965 when Father Arrupe became superior general, there were about 36,000 Jesuits in the world. Today that figure has been cut nearly in half, with about 19,000 Jesuits remaining in a rapidly aging society. . . . "

I’ve heard of some publication called “catholic” but really isn’t Catholic at all. I’m not sure if this is it. The article this came from was called "On Roman Catholic Unity by James Swan. He is from Alpha & Omega Ministries. James White also is a part of A&O Ministries who I’ve heard debate CC Apologists. He has a long list of debates with Catholics I take it he has some strong feelings against Catholicism. The about quote [as I’m told] seems fishy. Anybody heard of Catholic World News?



Just google it in quotes. I do not have a good opinion of this news service.

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I don’t see anything written by James Swan or James White on this site. The site is put together by Trinity Communications.


Catholic World News is an excellent online site. I pay an annualo subscription to it. It is loyal to the Magisterium, and is NOT one of the sites that claims to be Catholic, but is not.

I would strongly recommend it as a site to keep up with the latest news. It is one of a small number of sites that Raymond Aroyo reviews daily.

It is located at cwnews.com


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