What is the Catholics church on tithing


As the title says, what is the church’s teaching on tithing?


Supporting the Church is one of the precepts but tithing does not appear to be a arbitrary and/or required notion in the Roman Catholic church.


One is supposed to give to the Church, but there is no set amount (tithing = 10%). If it’s a bad month, then one might not be able to give much, but during better times one could give more than 10% if one chooses. Also, the entire amount doesn’t necessarily have to go to the parish; one could choose to give part of the donation to charity or apostolates.

Unfortunately, Catholics seem to give less than any other Christian group, which needs to be fixed. The economy is bad, so 10% might be far too high for a lot of families. But a family could start at 2% and slowly increase to 10% over time. A parish that did this, in addition to their regular programs, ended up having their parochial school be free, helped pay tuition for parishioners with kids who attended Catholic university, and still had money left over to donate at the end of each year.

As public schools will become increasingly hostile toward the Judeo-Christian worldview, it will be more and more important to support one’s parish to allow the children to attend private school, where they won’t be mocked, criticized, and/or suspended for stating their beliefs on controversial topics such as abortion or same-sex unions.


Good stewardship includes generosity with time, talent and money.

Statistics show that on the parish level, 7 percent of Catholics give 80 percent of each and those 7 percent account for 80 percent of time, talent, and money and not just one of the gifts God gives.

So, if we can’t give money, there are other aspects of stewardship we should consider.

One of the mass readings for today is fitting, “God loves a cheerful giver”, whether time, talent, or money.

Peace and all good!

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