What is the church’s view on free will?

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You couldn’t address the whole topic in a lifetime.

I try to remember this: We are created freely by God out of love, for love. And for us to love, we must have free will.

Without free will, there could be no love.


Free will is our God-given opportunity to make the right choices.




We have it.


They are in favor of it…


We have limited free will. Our nature is fallen so we have to cultivate virtue to develop self control. Most of our sins are rooted in our human weakness. We are slaves to these sins. The most dangerous of sins is pride, because it causes spiritual blindness and keeps us from acknowledging our need for God’s grace and healing. Mortal sin is a willed act in direct defiance of your clear and certain conscience that you could choose to not do but freely choose on your own.

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Only in the last 500 years has it been denied that man has free will. A quick refresher, i.e. Luke 7:30, reveals that those who deny free will had a “willingness” to overlook even scripture alone in order to further their reformation/personal agenda. Their subsequent behavior reveals what it was.

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People can use their free will to sin, remain in sin, and lose their salvation. It has been so since the beginning.


I taught my kids quite a few things and some of them were important, but I didn’t control every thought they had or action they took. If they’d been my puppets they would now be not only totally reliant on me for everything but also pale shadows of human beings.

When they show nature programs they show us animals behaving in the wild naturally exerting free will if you like, personally I wouldn’t be that interested in watching programs about zoo animals.

When you allow free will the result is genuine behaviour. Would you rather be sought out and loved by someone who is free to choose or a slave? I think this is the merit of free will with regard to our relationship with God.

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