What is the Church's position on Nick Land?


I was wondering what the Church’s (or even the Pope’s) position on Nick Land is. With him being the superior philosopher of Capital and pretty amazing critique of Kant (in a sense Land could be said to be the only true living Kantian philosopher) I’m at odds as to what the church would say on the matter.


The Church generally doesn’t take positions on individuals, only teachings.


Then what would we think the church would make on Land’s teachings?


Can you give a quick summary of his arguments please. Thanks.


I mean, I can tell you what I think of him.

I don’t think I can really speak for the totality of his writings and what their significance for an orthodox Catholic might be.


What do you think of him.


The Church doesn’t have an official position on every single thing.


Are we looking in the wrong direction? What does Land believe about Catholicism? Any problems there?

If Land’s views are about some form of utilitarianism, what is a particular person’s worth, then his views would need to be scrutinized closely for non-Catholic values.


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