What is the connection between Babbel and Pentecost?


In the book of Genesis, God dispersed the languages of the Earth. At Pentecost, God enabled the apostles to communicate with each person in the crowd according to their native tongue.

What does the Tower of Babbel mean?


The speaking in tongues at Pentecost was a sign to the unbelievers, the tower of Babbel was a way to sort of show the people the “what-for” for trying to build their way to heaven.

I’venever heard of a connection between the two events, but perhaps someone else has.


A lot of things that Jesus did, and a lot of things in the Acts of the Apostles, show that Christ’s new covenant was going to undo the sins and sufferings of Israel and humanity, and make everything right again (or even better).

If you ever go to Easter Vigil and listen to all 14 of the salvation history readings, you can clearly see this correspondence between Old Testament and New Testament.

So yes, Pentecost was a sign that, insofar as the division of tongues was a punishment, the Holy Spirit could lift it; and that in the new heaven and new earth that are still to come, language will no longer be a barrier.


Oh wow, never put those two together.

Seems to make sense.

Tower of Babel was prideful humanity doing prideful things, got punished for it.


IMO the Age of the Apostles is an inversion of the etiology in Genesis, where lots of destructive + divisive acts happen. Of course the sacred text itself talks about this somewhat.


Babel and Pentecost go hand in hand, completing an example of God’s Perfect Justice.

Main’s language was “confused” when he thought he could reach the heavens in a tower built by his hands, and by virtue of being in the heavens was a co-equal to God.

Part of the salvation plan was to undo this confusion of language, as evidenced at Pentecost, so man could understand each other to witness the glory of God, rather than co-opt it.

We see other examples of this Perfect Justice, as in the Virgin Mary, who as a woman became the mother of the new creation, undoing the harm done by the woman who was the mother of all at the original creation.

Pax et Bonum!


I think humanity operating with a single mind and what can be accomplished is at the heart of what God did with language.

Gen 11- 6 And the Lord said, “Look, they are one people, and they have all one language; and this is only the beginning of what they will do; nothing that they propose to do will now be impossible for them.

Pentecost is the new beginning for doing the impossible in accordance with what the Lord of History proposes.
my two cents.


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