What is the current status of various Eastern Apostolic Churches re-entering Communion with the Holy Catholic Church?


I’ve heard that ecumenical dialogues are going fairly well with our Sister Churches. Various representatives have gone to talk with other parties from various Eastern Orthodox Churches (EO) and Oriental Orthodox Churches (OO) and we seem to be on good terms with most, if not all of them. In fact, recently the Armenian Catholicos visited H.H. Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Kasper visited Patriarch Alexei II of the Russian Orthodox. However, I’m curious to see the status of these various Churches in their journey back to full Communion with the Catholic Church.

I heard recently that the Syriac Orthodox had signed an agreement with one Eastern Catholic Church (can’t recall which one at the moment) about sharing in the Sacraments fully with them in a mutual way. The rest of the OO didn’t mind it, but they said they would not be participating.

Does anyone know which Apostolic Church is the closest to returning and then the status of the rest? We know that corporate reunion of the EO is impossible, because there is no one to speak on their behalf for a reunion of 15 Churches. I would say that Syriac Orthodox are, but what say you all?

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I’d have said the Armenian Apostolic is the most similar to the Catholic Church, though not the closest to joining the Catholic Church as it is much closer to the other Oriental Orthodox of which the Coptic (and Ethiopian and Eritrean) Orthodox is less pro-Catholic and also much less similar. I guess the closest to joining is the Assyrian Church of the East, though that seems to have slowed down recently for whatever reason, as it did look like reuniting, though a large chunk already plans on it and about half already did


Where can information about this be found? I am often curous about what is happening in this regard. Does the Church talk about it much, or is it kind of hush hush?


Zenit article.







The bishop that was suspended by the Assyrian Church of the East in the article presented by Subrosa recently went on to take ALL of his parishoners (about 3,000 people) and reunite with the Catholic Church. In fact, this happened just last month on Sunday, May 11. Here is an article on it:



Regarding the phrase “sister churches,” lets make sure we all use the phrase properly. See here from this notification from the CDF:



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