What is the deal with this hymn


This used to be one of my favourites at school in the early 2000s. We used to sing:

I’ll sing a hymn to Mary,
The Mother of my God,
The Virgin of all virgins,
Of David’s royal blood.
O teach me, holy Mary,
A loving song to frame,
When wicked men blaspheme thee,
To love and bless thy name.

(I won’t write all the verses).

But today at Mass, we started singing the hymn and I was like, “o yeah this is so great I don’t even need to look at the hymnal”. So when we came to the last lines I shouted out “When wicked men blaspheme Thee etc.” And everyone else sung something like:

Let us imitate thee
And magnify thy name.

I looked at the hymnal and they were indeed the words it gave for the last two lines. I Googled the hymn when I got home, and all the versions I found give the old words that I knew.

A good lesson in humility I guess but what is the deal with the hymn? Why is it different? Is one correct and one not?


That sounds like a really weird thing to do. Literally every single version I’ve ever seen or heard has the ‘blaspheme thee’ version. Why anyone would change such a beautiful hymn is beyond me. Probably to do with some garbled image of the lack of sin and the need to repent. I mean, it doesn’t even sound right.


Many hymns have been modified to use more inclusive language.


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