What is the defference between God's omnipresence and the Real Presence?


I don’t quite know how to phrase the question, but I was asked something along this line by a Protestant a while back and didn’t know what to say…
Basically, if God is everywhere anyway, why is the Eucharist special? Is it that we get to receive Christ in Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity whereas when we just “experience God’s presence” at other times we aren’t actually receiving God but we’re just in His presence? I need to know what the teaching is on this, how it’s worded and where it comes from. Thank you.



God is present in all of His creation in that He sustains it at all times. In the Eucharist He is not simplly present in the bread and wine because He is sustaining it. The bread and wine actually become Him! We then worship Him under the appearance of bread and wine. The rest of creation is not Him. He created it and sustains it, but it is not Him and we don’t worship it. Otherwise, we would be pantheists, people who mistake creation for the Creator.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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