What is the diff between traditionalism and conservativism?

and liberalism–just for some kind of control group to help identify the other two? I was not in the church or even born before Vatican 2 and I have never heard more than a few pieces of Latin in the Mass. The Priests I have known have always faced the people…
what is the real differences. I am trying to figure out where I fit in all this. I am pretty sure I am not liberal… or modernist…

I heard one saying once that a “conservative” is just a slow-learning “liberal.” Maybe there’s some truth to it, especially since it was the “conservative” votes that upheld most of the traditions at Vatican II, per some texts on the matter.

A traditionalist wants a return to traditional Catholicism, by which he usually means the norms prevailing before Vatican II. A conservative is one who resists new innovations but doesn’t want a wholesale return to the past. A liberal is someone who sees Vatican II as a stepping stone to a newly enlightened church.

So a Traditionalist, almost by definition, will want to celebrate a TLM. A Conservative might see this as a distraction from real issues, such as the reduction in people attending confession. A Liberal will tend to see the TLM as positively encouraging the wrong attitude. Liberals might have widely varying opinions on the abandonment of confession, but generally they wouldn’t see it as the disaster and scandal that the Conservative would.

Here is an article adressing this topic by
Fr Ripperger FSSP


Good article. Thanks.

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