What is the difference between Catholics and Christians?

Hi, I’ve searched over the forum trying to find the answer to this; but all I got was many many different opinions and a lot of confusing facts :confused:

Sorry for asking this question but,
A few months back, I kind of lost my faith, because I started dreading going to Church and things like that. (I’m not Baptised yet, and I have stopped going to Sunday School).
Anyway, to cut the story short,
Recently, I went to a youth service and met up with some Christian friends from my school over there. I decided to ‘re-new’ my faith and step forward when the Pastor there asked whoever who wanted to embark on this relationship with God to step forward; so I did.
Anyway, my Christian friends are contacting me nowadays, so that we can meet and talk more about God’s word.
The only thing is that when they found out that I go to a Catholic Church, they seemed rather… offended? :confused:

Is there a difference between Catholics and Christians?
I’ve heard some things before that Catholics are those who believe in God, etc. etc. as well as the angels and saints, but Christians only believe in God and Jesus. Is this true?
Also, should I continue to hang around my Christian friends? After all, I want to be a Catholic, but it seems as though ‘they want me to be a Christian’ and things.
But then again, I feel so loved when I hang out around with them; I stopped going to Sunday School last time partially because I felt really lonely going to the class by myself.

Thanks for taking your time to read this :slight_smile:


Christians are those who believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and follow His teachings. The oldest form of Christianity is the Catholic Church. Most Protestants are validly baptized and are considered Christians as well as most non-denominational churches. However, they do not have valid ordinations and have only two valid sacraments, baptism and matrimony.

The first Protestant churches were founded by ordinary men in the sixteenth century. The Catholic Church was actually founded by Jesus and is the only Church He founded. It alone teachers with His authority. This is very crucial. You need to hang with Catholic groups.

Here are two books that can be a help in understanding all this:

“Did Jesus Have a Last Name? And 199 Other Questions from Catholic Teenagers” by Matthew J. Pinto and Jason Evert

“Did Adam & Eve Have Bellybuttons…And 199 other questions from Catholic Teenagers” by Matthew J. Pinto

You can get then through shop.catholic.com or by phone: 888 91 8000.

I encourage you to watch “Life on the Rock” on the web on Thursdays at 8 p.m. EST. Here’s the link:

EWTN.com Click on Television and then on Live TV - English and then on either RealVideo or Windows Media

Also, check out the Pure Love Club here:


Ask at your parish if there are any Catholic Youth groups in your area.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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