What is the difference between Eastern Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy?


My understanding of the Filique as a Latin Rite Catholic is that the Father is the origin of the Holy Spirit not the Son. But that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son because there are three distinct persons in the Trinity yet one God and neither of the three persons in the Trinity can go against the other because they are one with the Father. The Holy Spirit does not originate from the Son but only of the Father yet all operate as one with the Father. If the Holy Spirit is not in the Son and does not proceed from both the Father and the Son that is saying that the Son is not the Son of God which then in effect there is no Trinity. The Son has His origin in the Father just as the Holy Spirit has its origin in the Father.


And that makes the case. What can the opinions of a whole Church amount to, when the advice of 2 priests and a Bishop(Sheen) is ignored. :rolleyes:


So rather than asking Orthodox people and sources about Orthodoxy and asking Catholic people and sources about Catholicism, you’d rather conduct your comparison between the two by only asking Catholics? That doesn’t seem very wise to me.


Did you read the link?? The answers are very 1830s in their outlook. Calling the “Greek Churches” “heretical and schismatic”, not at all the Catholic teaching


I was thinking more along the lines of Westboro Baptists


That might qualify them to speak with authority about Catholicism, but it hardly makes them an authority on Orthodoxy.


The latter. Special people that scripture recommends we ask.


It answers the question. One difference is that the Church considers it heretical.




I don’t know much about the differences between the religion but we are close as to the proof is in my childhood… Us Latin and Eastern Catholics and Orthodox had to run through the Protestant neighborhood while going and coming from school. :latin_cross::orthodox_cross::latin_cross::orthodox_cross:


A rather low grade sort of bait at that I might remark.


My only thought was what Eastern Catholics might think of it, seeing as they claim to believe everything the Orthodox believe.

They often seem to get inadvertently trampled under Latin rite attacks on Orthodox.


Its almost 1 am here so maybe I’m not operating on all cylinders, but we’re Eastern Catholics called heretics? :confused:


The most classic example of that I can think of here was when discussing communion for infants a fellow Latin Catholic started weighing in saying this is not acceptable in Catholic Churches under any circumstances. They kept on doing so even after a deacon and priest told them this was not always true.


I do not know what Catholic would say this but if any Catholic said Eastern Catholic’s are heretic’s they are not just wrong but also either mean or ignorant! You just just have to ignore them and pray that God will enlighten them if they say that Eastern Catholic’s are heretic’s!


My wife is one of them dreadful Eastern Orthodox heretics, but I say that quietly in case Mr. Frying Pan comes out of his home in the cupboard yet again or recipes such as cakes and fried potatoes with spices etc. stop been made.


I was reading this thread really earlier in the morning and wasn’t sure if I was reading correctly1


Jjarek Camlian, I can’t say Orthodox are heretic’s I think it would be very wrong of me to do so. I know there are differences in understanding theologies between the East and West I hope people will one day open their heart and minds and know we are both correct and only need to understand each other rather than trying to find fault with each other


I was been somewhat tongue in cheek, obviously my wife Svetlana does not wander around calling me a heretic and talking about the filioque, sack of Constantinople and other matters and neither do I call her that. These kind of conversations are really pretty rarefied and most people don’t engage in them in everyday reality.


Jharek Carmelian, I understood what you were saying. When I was first getting married went to the priest who was a Francisian and since my wife to be was never baptized called her a pagan, Wow! that did not sit right with her. anyway we did get married in the Catholic Church for 25 years while we had ups and downs like in any marriage thought we had a good one till she decided she no longer wanted to be married. But I digress somewhat. I knew better than to discuss religion with her and never called her a pagan. But then again I would never call anyone that anyway since there is more to being a pagan then not being baptized.

What gets me is while i think the subject matter concerning the various reasons as to why the split between Orthodox and Catholic is right to discuss, the hate por rudeness and we are right and you are wrong is not the way I believe those things should be talked about as there is no common ground. when that happens there is not understanding of the differences between how each understands their theologies and belief system. To me each Rite whether east or West has it spiritual beauty that draws one closer to God, and belittling others because they are either Catholic, Eastern Catholic or Orthodox, is not what Christ taught us to do. being that rigidness does not promote understanding and only causes more and more division among us. Hopefully one day will come when each side will come to understanding each other and embrace the heavenly spirituality each offers to us.

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