What Is The Difference Between FSSP And My Parish Priest?

I know the Latin Mass I go to has FSSP priests, but somewhere I read they do not take religious vows. Now I may be mistaken there…but could someone tell me…a newcomer to the Latin Mass what the difference is between them and my regular parish priest?

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The FSSP priests make promises of celibacy, obedience, and chastity like diocesan preists. Technically, the FSSP is a society of apostolic life meaning it a religious society that makes promises and not vows. Religious orders like the Franciscans, Dominicans, Benedictines, etc. are the only ones that take vows.

And what you are saying is that promises were made to be broken? :smiley:

Certainly not :smiley: There is just a canonical difference between vows and promises.

I couldn’t remember if I had posted this thread…my age is creeping up on me.:wink: Thanks for answering…:slight_smile:


And there is no vow of poverty.

A society of apostolic life is not a society of consecrated life. It is an institute where members (most often clerics) live the communal life, in a somewhat seperate organization (ie, with their own hierarchy of superiors across diocesan borders) but are not a religious order or congregation and so do not take religious vows, neither solemn nor simple.

I think the difference between your parish priest and the priest from the FSSP is that the FSSP can only use the Roman Missal of 1962 and the Rituale Romanum that was in print during 1962. I believe this is part of the Ecclesia Dei indult. In other words you will not see the FSSP priest assisting (concelebrating) at a Novus Ordo Mass or distributing Holy Communion at a Novus Ordo Mass.

Also the FSSP does not take vows. In addition, if your parish priest is a Diocesean or “secular priest” he does not take vows either. He simply makes a promise of celibacy, and obedience to the Bishop.

Priest of religious orders, such as the Franciscans, and those close to my heart, the “Missionaries of the Sacred Hearts” (by the way their founder is going to be cannoized I hear), take vows of “Poverty, Chastity and Obedience”.


yeah, you’re not going to see an FSSP saying an English mass…ever. They don’t even say the Latin Novus Ordo either. I believe that when they are ordained, they concelebrate their first mass, but only with the Bishop, then after that, it’s nothing but Tridentine forever. They are specifically sanctioned by the Holy See to celebrate the Tridentine Old Rite only. They have no problem with Novus Ordo (well they probably have a preference for the Old Mass otherwise they wouldn’t have joined the Fraternity), they just don’t celebrate it. That’s the seemingly thin veil between FSSP and the SSPX, namely they don’t object to the Pauline Missal and/or Vatican II. So yeah, FSSP Priests are quite different from your run-of-the-mill Diocesan Priest, based on the principle that I don’t know just about no parish priest that even knows how to say more than a phrase or two in Latin or even knows how to celebrate the Latin Novus-Ordo, let alone the Tridentine Mass, assuming he has an indult to do so…perhaps soon, he won’t need one though, assuming the Motu Propio should be here before the Holy Father has his “Schülerkreis” in September at Castelgandolfo.:thumbsup:

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