What is the difference between monotheism and monism?

:rolleyes:Yet another question that I ask not b/c I don’t really know the answer but b/c the things in the question don’t really seem to well defined to start with and I’m curious to see what others have to say.

Monotheism is the adherence of one supreme diety and monism is a metaphysical stance where reality is conceived as consisting of only one basic substance.What makes them exclusive though?.Like if you are a monotheist but don’t follow the personal version of God (not that I can really think of a belief system that’s explicitly like this,*pantheism *anyone ~ ?) is that version of God still considered monotheistic or is it not b/c your not putting in the creator aspect of it?.What if it’s a god with a personality but no corporeal form to speak of?.

In my opinion: one is about how many gods are there, the other about the property (relationship between matter and spirit) of god(s).

I also encourage you to read what the Catholic Encyclopedia says on monotheism and monism. It can be found here on Catholic Answers website and here are the links to the subjects:



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