What is the difference between worship and veneration?

How does one know if one has crossed over the line from venerating Mary and/or the Saints to a form of worship? Is it the action that is done, what is in the heart and mind while it is being done, or both?

The quick answer is that we ask The Virgin and The Saints to “intercceed for us” i.e. pray to God for us. It fundementally is no different than asking another person to pray for you, except you use prayer as a communication tool to them through God’s power.

Worship is praise, fidelity and requests to God himself, being he is the One True God and contains all power exclusivelly and recieves all prayer by his position as Creator of Existence.

This is my position.

Thanks for the reply. Saying “Hail Mary” and some other prayers could definitely be considered praise.

Perhaps it is worship if you prayed to Mary or the saints with the attitude that they could answer your requests apart from God.

The answer lies in three words:

  1. Dulia = the honor we give to the saints. We ask them for their intercession through their prayers and we honor them for being holy men and women who lived for Christ. An example of dulia would be “Oh holy saint Anthony, pray for me so that I may be as faithful to Christ as you were Amen.”

  2. Hyper dulia = the honor that we may give to the Virgin Mary alone. She is recognized as the greatest of all the saints in terms of her intercessory power and rank. Saying a Hail Mary is an example of hyper dulia.

  3. Latria = the honor and adoration that is due to God alone. We recognize him as the creator of all things seen and unseen, as the savior of the world, and as the governor of the universe. An example of latria might be “Glory to God in the highest, Lord God heavenly king almighty God and father. We worship you, we give you thanks we praise you for your glory.”

So if we were to give “Latria” to Mary or the saints, we would then be committing idolatry.

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veneration is worship, there are two types of worship, veneration, and adoration, the one due to God alone is adoration,

i know worship seems to always be understood as like bowing before someone and professing your complete unworthiness, but really the word worship has become very very very misunderstood,
the word worship is a correlation of the word “Worth-ship”, which means to acknowledge someones worth, so really it’s not something due to God alone, the worship that is due to God alone, like i said, is adoration,
the difference between adoration and veneration is this - veneration is the honor we give to the saints who, by their intercession and example, help us to grow in virtue, it does not take away from the glory given to God because whatever good the saints possess is a gift from Gods bounty, they are venerated as sanctuaries of the Trinity, adopted children of the Father, brethren of Christ, faithful members of His Mystical Body, and temples of the Holy Ghost,

adoration is where we recognize God as the only one worthy of supreme honor because He is infinitely perfect and has supreme dominion over humans and the right to our total dependence,
so basically, He alone is recognized and acknowledged for all that we have and all that we are,
He also is the only one who we may give sacrifice to, and there are certain acts of the mind and will which we give to God alone that are expressed in certain appropriate prayers, postures of praise, and acts of reverence and sacrifice.

basically, you cross over from veneration to adoration when you give *all *glory and honor to someone other then God.

you said here -

Perhaps it is worship if you prayed to Mary or the saints with the attitude that they could answer your requests apart from God.

that is exactly right, you understand it very well already.
so really the only thing i’m trying to explain is about the definition of worship…although i wouldn’t go around telling everyone that we actually do worship the saints :3 only because i don’t think they’d give me the time to properly explain it like i’m able to here.

ok well i hope this helps, take care.

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