What is the difference...

…between talking on a cell-phone while driving and praying the Rosary while driving (aside from the location of one’s interlocutor)?


Or these while driving:

Eating/drinking (non-alcoholic of course)

Fixing one’s make-up

Looking away to change the channel on the radio

Being distracted by kids in back seat

Stupid behavior will still cause accidents, id doesn’t matter if you try to restrict one type of action. Even having a messy vehicle has caused an accident in our area.

I would say the cell phone conversation is more distracting because there are two people involved. When praying and driving at least you can stop praying if you feel the need. Some people get so involved in a conversation they often forget they are driving. It’s a car people, not a phone booth!!!

The rosary is safer unless you hold it to your ear. (Sorry could not resist it.)

God bless you;
Deacon Tony SFO

the rosary is much safer, in my opinion. while i would argue that there ARE two people involved (or four, if you count the trinity separately), you can move the beads with one hand while steering with the other, and you’re much less likely to get ticked off or greatly distracted by something you ‘hear’ and drive poorly. in fact, i’ve found praying the rosary while driving makes me a BETTER driver, as i’m much calmer and more polite as i’m driving… and therefore make fewer stupid mistakes.

Communal prayer such as the rosary while driving is not on par with deepest contemplation and ergo not as dangerous as yacking on a cell phone. I would compare it to singing a song along with the radio–something we manage to do without accidents most of the time.

Well, if you are doing the rosary with mediation on the mysteries, it seems to be a poor choice while driving. Either you won’t meditate, or worse, you will! :slight_smile: But this is coming from me, who can spend 5 plus minutes on the first two words of the Our Father, musing about what it all means, then going a bit further, and then forgetting where I was, so I go back to the beginning again. No our fathers for me while driving, unless I’m doing the Penance version, Our Father who arthallowedtrespassesevil. Amen.

A priest once asked his bishop, “Is it ok if I smoke a cigarett while I pray?” The bishop responded, “One should be totally involved in his prayer so I cannot think that it would be good to smoke a cigarett while you pray.”

Another priest asked the bishop, “Is it ok if I pray while I am smoking a cigarette?” The bishop answered, “It is always good to pray.”

When I worked as a truck driver, I prayed and contemplated our Lord’s will, often. We drivers were trained to check the mirrors every twenty seconds or so along with many other safty habits. It is truly amaizing how, once you train yourself, your reflexes can do a lot of the driving, safely, while your mind can pray and contemplate.

I was delivering freight in a tight alley one day. All of a sudden I stopped the truck. I did not even know why. I set the brakes and got out to figure out why I had stopped the truck. The roof of the box of my truck was within six inches of hitting a fire escape. Now that is subconscience driving.

Like swiming, walking and playing the piano, one can train the body (cerebellum and motor control) to react in a way that becomes subconscience. I believe, and it has been my experience in many situations, that once you train your body to check the mirrors often, take mental pictures of traffic often, put your blinker on in sufficient time, alter speed to check blind spots (truck drivers), and watch your mirror during lane changes, all this becomes a natural part of subconscience driving, similiar to playing a fine Bauk or Bethoven on the piano.

Training your subconscience good, safe, driving habits is good in any situation. Praying is always good.

People using thier cell phone as an excuse for being rude, that is another issue.

Peace in Christ,
Steven Merten

To put it simply, there are a lot of distractions when conversing with someone via a cell phone, especially if the conversations become a bit emotional. Hence the possibility of meeting an accident is far greater, than when one is merely praying, which can be kept simple and brief.Gerry :slight_smile:

I am guessing your question referred to not, which practice is safer while driving, but which practice is a more valid, valuable means of communication. The answer is there is not much of a difference between these two conversations, other than, as you said, the location of the person you are “calling”. Prayer is a conversation, directly between you and God, and sometimes between you and others who love God as you do, and from whom you wish to learn how to love Him more, as they did. The rosary is a conversation between you and Mary, the mother of God, and its topic is Jesus, whose life and mission you are contemplating in this prayer, and whose Name is the centerpiece of this prayer.

I myself cannot pray the rosary while driving, even with a CD and no beads, because the rosary usually draws me into a meditative or sometimes even a contemplative state, which is not a great place to be on the freeway.

The good thing about driving while praying the rosary is that you can pray for the moron who just cut you off!

Seriously, I have tried driving while praying with the rosary, but I find it to distracting to drive and keep my place on the rosary at the same time. However, I do intend on purchasing a rosary on CD. I figure that would help with my 45 minute commute and with a CD I can keep my hands in the 10:00 - 2:00 position and drive safely and pray…for good traffic.

P.S. I heard the Fr. Benedict Groeschel just recorded a version of the rosary on CD. Any one heard it yet?

My tongue was sort of in my cheek when I posted that question (funny, they don’t have a smiley for tongue-in-cheek). I do pray the Rosary when I’m driving alone; if other people are in the car, there are too many distractions. Also, if the traffic gets intense, I pause and pick it up later. And I don’t use the beads, just my fingers. I don’t have a CD yet.


I once tried to pray the rosary while driving and found I couldn’t do it. I’d think of an aspect of one of the mysteries and then realize, oops here’s a red light coming up. Or oh that car is turning here. But, I can issue ejaculatory prayers. And I find I can sing the Salve Regina any time. So I do those things when I think of them. But the rosary leads me toward contemplation, it seems, more than other prayers, so I can’t do them while driving.

[quote=Deacon Tony560]The rosary is safer unless you hold it to your ear. (Sorry could not resist it.)

God bless you;
Deacon Tony SFO

:rotfl: :rotfl::rotfl:

The picture was worth a thousand words. But seriously I can put in my cd and drive 70 miles an hour on the freeway, knowing that I am praying to also make it safely to my destination. The cell phone I found driving 70 is not a good combination. I got rid of it after being to distracted and missing my exits, if I missed my exits from my conversation, that one driver that swerves into my lane will I be quick enough on my feet to react?

the pedant in me forces me to point out that bach is spelled bach, and beethoven is spelled beethoven. just fyi. :slight_smile:

Dearest Davebj


is all I have to say and God Bless you, how funny…made me chuckle and laugh !!!

God Bless you and much love and peace to you


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