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Hallo every one .I am new to this forum. I am looking for answer to my confusion .My some one help mi to understand in simple approach, what is the different between Catholics, Christians and Jesuits?



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Catholics are Christians, Jesuits are an Order of Catholic priests, not all Christians are Catholics.

The Church became known as the Catholic Church (meaning universal) and that is the official title today. The Eastern Church broke away after 1000 of Christianity and no longer accepts the authority of the Pope.

Martin Luther and some others broke away from the Church in the 16th century after some disagreements and that movement is known as Protestantism.

Early arguments and differences of opinion quickly split the Protestant Church and today there are estimated to be over 30,000 different denominations and sects of non-Catholic Christians.

Within Catholicism we have many Orders of priests, nuns and religious who follow a different charism. Some are teachers, some evangelise, some look after the sick, elderly or dying, etc., etc.,

Take time to look in the Catholic Answers Library or you can follow this link which may answer many of your questions… It is a question and answer format


Jerry welcome. First Catholics are christians, second Jesuits are the Society of Jesus, a Catholic religious order founded in 1534.


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