What is the equivalent of an indulgence, but for the living?

-I seem to recall that there was some sort of quasi-equivalent term for an indulgence (but meaning more an act that brings grace to another), but for the living.
-For instance, if I think of someone who has since passed, I can offer a quick Sign of the Cross for their soul, to which I know is attached a partial indulgence (Ench-Ind. 55).
-I seem to remember some equivalent concept to this, in which the Church attaches merit to particular acts, but for the good of another who is living.
-Can anyone recall what I’m thinking of? Does anyone have anything along these lines to contribute?

TLDR: Does the Church supply grace for particular acts for the good/conversion/salvation of living persons? If so, what is this called? Is there a handy Enchiridion/Index of these acts?

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JerryZ is correct.
We can offer prayers, fasting and other sacrifices up to save living souls.

It’s usually presented as “praying for sinners” or “praying to save sinners”. The Divine Mercy chaplet is especially designed to pray for the living in this way.
But you can also pray the Rosary or any other prayer you like.
You can also do acts of charity.

Often, the acts we do for the living are called “Works of Mercy” and are divided into Spiritual Works of Mercy (which help with people’s spiritual needs) and Corporal Works of Mercy (which help with people’s physical, bodily needs).

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