What is the Fear?

Where have all the Catholics gone?

The past two Popes said they want a "New Evangelization."
In obedience we must comply.

Most Catholics don’t know all the teachings of the Church.
But they know enough to at least try to evangelize.
Should we wait until we know everything?

A new evangelization requires taking a risk.
perhaps trying new ways.
with the possibility of being wrong,
especially if we don’t know all the teachings,
or even how to evangelize.

All Catholics must submit to and obey the teachings of the Church!

We are all sinners,
and imperfect.
If we make mistakes,
we must allow being corrected.

because we learn from mistakes.
If the risk doesn’t help the unbeliever,
it can help the risk-taker.

What is the fear?
We are obliged to at least try.

Seems to me much progress has already been made under both popes. Goodness, if it weren’t for Relevant Radio, Catholic Answers, the Hahns, Steven Ray, Fr. Corapi and other convert/reverts in the past 20 years I wouldn’t be the Catholic I am today.

The Hahns, Steven Ray, Jeff Cavins and Fr Corapi taught me more in the past five years than over my entire life time, and I’m a cradle catholic with 9 years of Catholic education and a 4 year Catholic university degree!

Added to that is the fact that the vatican has a website where anyone in the world can tap into the real teachings of Catholicism. From what I’ve seen in the recent past is courage
among the ‘everyday’ Catholic, regardless of the level of formal training they have in Catholicism. They are more than willing to speak Truth at every opportunity - and to ask the real questions those of faith are asking. I no longer see the fear to which you are referring.

The people I’m talking about is where:

They attack eachother.
They tend to gather in groups to impose their power.
They can become rageful about any imposed responsibility.
They spread lies.
They are agreeable to arguments based on subjective experience.
Their leaders are intellectuals and and trapped by occultism.
They may appear very friendly, funny, and caring.
and so on…

Sound familiar?

There are many of them,
and Christians in these areas are few,
and often remain silent out of fear.

We sinners
love to see God remove a man
from a barrel of manure,
even though he still stinks
of his stench.

But when God asks us to go in,
and clean it out,
everybody says "no thanks."
For am clean.

Ignore this manure. This is not catholic.
I need to be educated in the Catholic faith.

St. Benedict, please pray for me!

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