What is the greatest movie of all time?

I put this together and I am a little biased, but I did try to put a smattering on every decade in. Please vote and comment. Thanks.

So many great movies. I just love Ben Hur so much. I will always remember the chariot race. I will always remember Charlton Heston.

I came close to voting for the Matrix, or Lord of the Rings. I also wanted to put (Se7en) or (Sixth Sense) on the list but I was limited to 10 choices.

Casablanca. Great plot, great acting, great Bogart, great lines, great atmosphere, great Ingrid Bergman (Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.) You can round up all the usual suspects but Casablanca wins hands down. Play it Sam, play it again!

no star wars? shame! a pox on your house!

I voted for GWTW.

But I think you’ll find that most movie experts and superfans will be absolutely immovable in their convictiong that the greatest movie of all time is: Citizen Kane.

  1. Casablanca

  2. Godfather

  3. the Bicycle Thief

  4. Patton

  5. Bridge on the River Kwai 6. Citizen Kane

  6. Mr. Roberts 8. The Grapes of Wrath.

I voted The Godfather (mostly because its brilliant) but Casablanca is a very close second. Also Goodfellas is really good.

And Citizen Kane is, in my opinion, an incredibly overrated movie.


You don’t have a single movie from the 1940s. Therefore, no Casablanca, no Citizen Kane, no It’s A Wonderful Life, no Grapes of Wrath, no Treasure of the Sierra Madre, no Preston Sturges movies, no Miracle on 34th Street, no Third Man.

You also don’t have a single movie from the silent era. No The General, no Gold Rush, no Battleship Potempkin, no The Freshman (w/Harold Lloyd), no THE PASSION OF JOAN OF ARC !!!].

ETA: You also don’t have a single movie from the 1960s. No Man For All Seasons, no Psycho, no Good, Bad or The Ugly, no Dr Strangelove, no 2001-A Space Odyssey, no To Kill A Mockingbird, no Lawrence of Arabia, no The Apartment, no Bonnie and Clyde.

ETA: You also don’t have a single movie from the 1980s. No Raiders of the Lost Ark, no Blade Runner, no Cinema Paradiso, no Tampopo, no Brazil, no Empire Strikes Back, no Raging Bull, lol… not even Die Hard.

This survey is a joke.

I really love Citizen Kane. It’s a movie so rich in allegory and technique that you can spend years disseminating it. Which makes it more fun than just watching it, imo.

Citizen Kane hands down. Not over rated, have to put yourself back in 1941 to judge its genius and what was made up till that time.

One of the few flicks I can watch over and over…

“What would you like to be?” (Kane’s step-father)

“Everything you hate.” (Kane)

Citizen Kane was recently considered the best movie of all time by AFI.

I gotta give this one to Batman Begins.

Since I am still a young adult and haven’t been around the time when Casablanca, Citizen Kane, It’s A Wonderful Life, etc…I have to give to the Lord of the Rings :thumbsup:

its unfair that you put The Passion of Christ in the poll. Its a given :smiley:

WOW lighten up. :frowning: If you are go to rant somewhere do it in a serious poll or something.

Hands down…Dr. Zhivago.


Casablanca was boring to me, and I didn’t care for Citizen Kane. Empire Strikes Back is the only Star Wars that was top 10 material IMHO.

“Crotching Tiger”? methinks the poll needs a bit of editing there.

Don’t take this as a rant. Take it as a suggestion list for your Netflix queue.

I tried that, and I can honestly say that I just don’t like it…which is very strange because I love movies, all movies from the silents to modern day, and that is the one movie I don’t understand why people like.

Although I will say, on cinematography alone, it deserves to be in the “best movie” lists that everybody does.

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