What is the "heirarchy of Truth"?

Is there really a “heirarchy of Truth” I’ve heard so much about?

There is a hierarchy of truths. What this means is that some truths are a based on other truths and the former may be understood through the latter. The Sacred Congregation for the Clergy’s General Catechetical Directory explains:

“In the message of salvation there is a certain hierarchy of truths, which the Church has always recognized when it composed creeds or summaries of the truths of faith. This hierarchy does not mean that some truths pertain to faith itself less than others, but rather that some truths are based on others as of a higher priority, and are illumined by them.

“On all levels catechesis should take account of this hierarchy of the truths of faith.

“These truths may be grouped under four basic heads: the mystery of God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, Creator of all things; the mystery of Christ the incarnate Word, who was born of the Virgin Mary, and who suffered, died, and rose for our salvation; the mystery of the Holy Spirit, who is present in the Church, sanctifying it and guiding it until the glorious coming of Christ, our Savior and Judge; and the mystery of the Church, which is Christ’s Mystical Body, in which the Virgin Mary holds the pre-eminent place.”

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