What is the History of Novus Ordo Watch?

Hello all. I came across the Novus Ordo Watch when I was reviewing Catholic response to Suor Christina’s appearance on Voice of Italy.

While a clear majority of Catholics support and understand the rationale of evangelization through the medium of music and song, the Novus Ordo Watch I found to be very unkind to this young nun…and as I read more I realized that it is very anti-Catholic.

Am I reading this right? Any updates on this would be appreciated.

Bruce Ferguson

I should add that it is very anti-post Vatican II Catholic and they argue that the pre-consular church was somehow betrayed by Vatican II…so that would mean to me that they are not Catholic if they don’t acknowledge Vatican II…anyways, look forward to peoples reflections on this.


That website is obviously anti-Catholic and should be avoided.

PaulfromIowa…thanks for confirming my take on this website. They seem to be extreme and even more extreme than the Pius X Society. Do you know of a list of organizations that are against the church’s move since the Vatican II.

What I have been able to gather is that they believe we sold out as a church when we started to engage in a conversation with the world and modernism. Seems to me that the church was only speaking against the extremes of modernism, the extremes within modernism that denied God. Seems with string theory and postmodernism, the church can adjust its teaching to address and be in conversation with the world … anyways…throwing some thoughts out there…

Bruce Ferguson


Hi Bruce(trickster),
I’ve come across a video on Youtube which started out
nice comparing the Fatima “Miracle of the Sun” to the
Woman clothed with the Sun in Revelations, but then
it started to cast doubts in our minds about the “cover-up”
by the Vatican of the “Third Secret” of Fatima. Moreover it then
proceeded to nullify the validity of the election of Pope
St. John XXIII who subsequently convened the “apostasy”
of Vatican II.
I turned it off after about 30 min. of this garbage, it left
me numb about my conviction that the Catholic Church
being the “True” Church, but, the good Lord was merciful
and helped me to see the lie that was being fed us!

Can you say sedevacantism? Their home page says it all:

"His Holiness Pope Pius XII

The last known true Pope of the Catholic Church
reigned March 2, 1939 - October 9, 1958" With a lovely picture of the man in his Chair looking very well dressed.

That’s all I need to know.


I have found the safest course of action is to stick to apostolates and ministries that are sanctioned and under the authority of their local bishop. It is the “Catholic” thing to do. FYI - Catholic Answers is such an organization.

The web site review section at catholic culture is one of the first places to check for webistes purporting to be “Catholic”. Their reviews and ratings are consistent and give a a decent review.

Uh, no they don’t. In fact, Novus Ordo Watch is given a red “danger” rating by Catholic Culture.org.

Don’t understand your post or your point. Maybe you misunderstood. I have found web reviews from Catholic Culture to be spot on in the vast majority of cases. For example, they give a “red” to NO Watch, as you say, and so they should. It is not a website a faithful Catholic should ever go near.

I wouldn’t exactly say “anti-Catholic” as these people are in favor of Catholicism in itself. However, they are sedes and are highly critical of the Pope and the post-VII Church. Obviously it’s not a place that someone who’s in full communion with the Church wants to frequent.

The Roman Catholic nun, Sister Christina, seems to be encouraging lewd dancing.

I was wondering this too when I was viewing the thread over on World News forum.


I watched the whole series and the last thing this nun has done was the lewd dancing and other judgements brought against her by this novusordowatch…they are not nice people :slight_smile:

The kind of statements about this nun shows the anger and narrow mindedness that I thought was long gone…I think the world of her and even have gained a liking and respect of J-Ax…

Bruce Ferguson

I would definitely stay away from the site. It seems to be a Sedevacantist site.

Hello Trickster.

Reality is sometimes the deepest forms of hatred and the accompanying acts are motivated by religious reasoning. Folks who hate for various reasons need a place to congregate and seek out the company of like minded individuals. Gathered together they usually agree on who is fair game and this is a fact of the darker side of human nature. Self-righteousness can feed a very vicious cycle of sin that gets dismissed because a person or persons “deserves” to be punished or “exposed” as these folks at NOW have done to that poor sister.

Pray for them and hope you don’t become a target too simply for being faithful.


The point was that youtube had a lot of dislikes on that nun’s tastes, and most of them were not precipitated by any watch groups. It’s not like she’s singing “Dominique.”

Awesome Glenda, couldn’t have put it better myself.


Bruce Ferguson

Trickster, I’ve read your posts in regards to Novus Ordo Watch and noticed you never substantiated your claim they are not Catholic. Did you know that they defend the Total Deposit of Faith, without exception?

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