What is the illuminati? Do they work for Satan


And is it true that most famous singers gave up there soul for fame? And do they have secret evil messages in there songs/movies


I’m pretty sure they are (or were) apart of the Freemasons.


Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


Or everything you watch on the “History” channel :slight_smile:


No, your soul, my soul, the soul of the most depraved murder on earth, they all belong to God. None of us can give up our soul for fame or riches. That is simply a plot in many stories, movies, and a good Country song.


There’s no such thing as the Illuminati.




That’s what they want you to think.


LOL you’re too funny.

I had some young patients who were totally convinced that the Illuminati were behind their bad grades and criminal records and pregnant girlfriends.

There are true believers out there.


Beat me to it. :smile:


I wouldn’t go that far, but I’m pretty sure they’ve muted my morning alarm more than once.


Or it could be poltergeist


Nah. Poltergeists are noisy creeps. Our true lords and masters are always in stealth mode.


Trying to return to reality here . . .

The Illuminati were disbanded in or around 1785. Their influence continued for only about 20 years total and was largely limited to central Europe. There is absolutely no evidence that they continued in any form, official, unofficial, secret, underground, or otherwise, past that date, conspiracy theories aside.

The Free Masons and the Illuminati were never affiliated although it is possible that some men had dual membership before the Illuminati were disbanded.


I might not be remembering the details correctly, but In his book, “The Final Hour” by Michael Harold Brown(Not Dan Brown), presents the history of the Illuminati going back to the pagan Egyptians and Aryans and how a fellow by the name of Von Hess, reestablished the Illuminati within the Free Masons. Brown wrote how Von Hess melted wine bottles into the shape of the swastika and buried them on the square in Munich, Austria, one hundred years to the date before Hitler’s troops marched in. Brown also wrote that Hitler, after rejecting religion, became a Free Mason and then was elevated into the Illuminati.

How accurate Michael Harold Brown is, I’m not sure.

A prerequisite for joining the Nazi Party was rejection of all religion, especially Catholicism.

My understanding is that the Illuminati are still a secret sect of the Free Masons, which of course most of the American members of the Free Masons will deny. The European sect of the Free Masons is staunchly anti-Catholic compared to the American sects.



According to a dictionary there are two meanings behind this word.
Illuminati, 16th century Spanish heretics who claimed special religious enlightenment and a 17th century Bavarian sect organised like the Freemasons, as already mentioned.

Also we should remember that there are no secrets in God’s creation.


So it’s all lies about Disney and pop singers?


I can’t say it’s all lies, who really knows.

Personally I find thinking along those lines a bit unhelpful, it is a bit depressing I think. it’s not good to make assumptions about people without solid proof either. We must not judge others, Jesus tells us that how we judge others is how we will be judged ourselves, and as I say we can’t be sure of the facts anyway.

Also Rosie avoid naming names (maybe edit your post?)


Yes. It’s true.
I suggest - you don’t even look into it - don’t.
They decide - who’s going to be rich -
who’s going to be a star -
That’s that.
They decide.
Nobody in Hollywood gets ’ a pass '.


It’s nonsense.

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