What is the Intent of Mercy?

Apparently God is merciful, yet horrid things occur. I would ask where the mercy is but I think it may be more important to ask what the ultimate intent of what God is trying to instill through using his mercy in whatever way he does it.

Are we to understand his mercy as something nice happening to us?
Are we to understand his mercy as the promise of Heaven?

There must be a more complex answer for what God is merciful towards than “he works in mysterious ways”, else you have something unfalsifiable and God being merciful means nothing. What is this mercy all about?

I’m probably grossly oversimplifying this but to me it means that God is giving us a path of reconciliation to Him because he loves us. In human’s fallen condition, without the mercy and grace of the Lord, none of us would go to Heaven.

So there is no assurance at all or good things happening? The mercy is personal and dealing with the afterlife, not dealing with daily life?

Oh, no- I feel like it applies to daily life also.

I began praying the Divine Mercy chaplet some time ago and trying to pray the 3 o’clock hour (the hour of divine mercy) each day and I have noticed a big difference. Not that you have to do those two things to receive mercy, by any means, it’s just my personal example.

Do you not feel that you have ever been the recipient of the Lord’s mercy?

i think god doesn’t do anything because it would defeat the purpose we are meant to grow spiritually and mentally and to do that we need to do it as a human race i believe god is loosing more faith because of the bad things that are happening but gains faith by the good things people do. would it ever be possible to ever just be good i dunno if we are designed like that would u think it just meant to be a balance between positive and negative

God gave us freewill. The terrible things that happen are the result of us choosing to reject God.
God’s mercy will be given if we repent of our sins and turn to him and ask for his mercy and then live a life in accordance with the teachings of Christ through his Church.

so just wondering if the earth and humans were totally good and there was no evil what would be the purpose of life i thought we were in a spiritual war between good and bad

This would be highly subjective. Kind of like a fortune cookie turning out true.“Thing happened because ___!”

This COULD be an adequate answer, but I want to not think of myself and think of the children starving to death at birth and the horrible living conditions of some nations. The only understanding of the lord’s mercy then would be that something nice happened to them today. That could have been theoretically possible without asking for mercy. There is no mercy that saves these generations of people.

So tell those kids who grow up starving that they’ll be alright and not starve any longer if they just believe?
Commenting on mercy means nothing. You literally get to subjectively choose what you felt was God’s mercy.

When you’re asking people’s opinions about God, you have to expect subjective answers. Most of us only experience God interiorly and can only tell you of our personal experiences.

Having stated that, after having read your answer to me and Thistle, you seem to have a pre-existing strong opinion on the subject of suffering.

If you’re looking for the answer to suffering then you’re going to find any answer here to be inadequate. There are entire books written on why God allows suffering. A shorter version would be found in Lee Strobel’s book “A Case for Faith” - it’s the first objection to God he covers. It’s a very good book that I highly recommend.

Will do but this thread is dealing with his mercy in conjunction to his suffering.
Obviously you have an unfalsifiable situation. How do you justify nice things happening being declared God’s mercy when there is so much greater suffering? It’s like the example of thanking God for helping you make a field goal when people are dying.

Well I think you’re operating on a belief that “suffering” and “mercy” are some sort of opposites and I don’t think that’s necessarily true.

Obviously, you can apply mercy TO suffering and lessen or alleviate it.

But I think mercy can be felt in other ways, and that suffering can be felt despite mercy. And sometimes in spite of mercy.

It’s a complicated situation and I’m not a theologian. I misunderstood the basis of your OP because I didn’t realize that when you asked about mercy that you were asking a broader question about why suffering is allowed. I can tell you how God has applied his mercy to me (to the extent that I’m aware of it) but I am not equipped to explain suffering.

I really do suggest you start with “The Case for Faith” and go from there. Again, there’s entire books on why suffering is allowed.

One thing I’ve considered when contemplating suffering myself is that the big picture for God is obviously much different. For example, if you’re a parent and you’re teaching your child to ride a bike and the child falls and cuts their knee, that’s horrible for the child at the time. Why did that happen? How could you let it? Why can’t you make the pain go away? Why are you putting medicine on the cut that makes it hurt worse??? But you know, as an adult, that this is very temporary. A child will skin their knee sometimes, but it’s going to be okay. The child, from their perspective, doesn’t yet understand. I think sometimes that’s how it is- but on a much larger scale- on our view of suffering vs. God’s view of suffering. This life we have here, it’s a blink of an eye compared to eternity.

There is enough food in the world to go round, the problem is ours We are not merciful to the twenty seven thousand children who die every day, as a result of grinding poverty and preventable disease.

Scholars have taken a highlighter pen to the Bible; and highlighted about two thousand passages that refer to justice to the poor and oppressed, it is called 'The Poverty and Justice Bible. God hears the cry of the poor, it is at the heart of his message to us.

The only understanding of the lord’s mercy then would be that something nice happened to them today.

God sent you, me and everyone else, to show mercy to the poor today. At some time; we shall all have to stand before God, who might want to know how merciful we have been to the poor.

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