What is the legacy of Vatican II?

I’m sure this topic has been discussed before. But always good to revisit this in light of new papal administration.

It seems that the spirit of Vatican II has resulted in a decrease in Mass attendance in western nations, Catholics leaving for Protestant denominations in droves, bad catechesis, a shortage of religious, abuses in the OF.

Can you provide any evidence of a connection between Vatican II and what you describe? I was there before and after Vatican II and did not love God less after. If anything, Vatican II is the fake scapegoat for the things you mention. That needs to end.

Each Catholic should assent to Vatican II in its entirety.

God bless,

My first impulse was to list what I thought the legacy is or has been.

But I was stopped in my tracks when the thought came to my mind, loud and clear, of “But Marie, you haven’t READ the documents, and you really don’t know what Vatican II actually said”…

Until I have taken the time to read the various documents (and yes I do have the books to do just that), I will refrain.

But I would suggest that anyone who contributes to this thread, let us know if you have read the actual documents or if your views are based on the distortions of what has been said about VII…

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Forgive me, please, for being blunt, but what purpose does it serve beating a dead horse?

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I’m no fan of VII, but this is one of the logical fallacies…Just because something happened after something else does not mean that the preceeding thing was the cause.

What you have listed is the current condition though, and you even left out some stuff!

If pre-VII was good enough for so long and fed the greatest saints, then it’s good enough for me. Truth does not change, and VII never suggested otherwise. It never officially implemented any of the debacles we see today anyway…

We will never understand fully in this life what has happened. I try to move beyond trying to understand it all, move beyond wanting to place blame…and to do what Catholics have always done. Pray.

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