What is the longest responsorial psalm in the liturgy of the hours or the Mass?


Yesterday while attending a German language Mass the Psalm (34(33)) for Saint Elisabeth of Thuringia was rather longer, even longer than during a Sunday Mass. This did not seem to hinder the reader at all as we prayed our way through the psalm but I was left pondering. The readings for yesterday are not the same as the German lectionary and liturgical calendar are different and even the English language ones are different but I tried to confirm to see if the readings were the same for the US Lectionary but the responsorial psalm for yesterday is not even a psalm but a responsorial from the Book of the Apocalypse. My question is: what is the longest responsorial psalm from either the liturgy of the hours or the Mass?


I don’t know the answer to your question. As far as the German lectionary being different yesterday, that was probably for the Memorial (or Feast) of St. Elisabeth of Thuringia as you mentioned. This Feast is not on the US calendar.

According to the USCCB website, the Psalm for yesterday (Monday of the 33rd Week in Ordinary Time) WAS a psalm (Ps. 1:1-2, 3, 4, 6). The Response to the Psalm was from the book of Revelations, though. (Rev. 2:17)


Psalm 119 is the longest psalm according to Wikipedia.


It is but I don’t think it’s all used together in the lectionary.


The Rite of Confirmation can have a Responsorial Psalm with the response said six times. Psalm 144(145), 2-3.4-5.8-9.10-11.15-16.21. But I do not know if it is the longest.

A short Responsorial Psalm is for The Conversion of St Paul, Apostle on 25 January. It has Psalm 116(117):1-2. The Responsorial Psalm can be sung straight through without a response. So with the Grail Translation this Psalm has 22 words. Singing it at 60 bpm, it would take about 14 seconds.


In the Liturgy of the Hours, it is psalm 118(119) which clocks in at 176 verses. It is, however, spread out over the 4 week cycle in the LOTH, over 2 days in the traditional Monastic breviary, and over 1 week in the monastic schema used at the abbey I’m affiliated with.

A distant second would probably be 77(78) at 72 verses. The LOTH only uses it during Advent, Christmastide, Lent and Eastertide, divided over two days at the Office of Readings, but the monastic schemas recite it all in one shot and throughout the year (Wednesdays at Vigils at my abbey).

I can’t say I’ve paid much attention for Mass though. Where I go to Mass, the responsorial psalm is not recited, so I only hear it rarely. Instead the Gradual is sung in Latin. The responsorial psalm is not usually the entire psalm, but select verses that highlight the psalm.


Wow, Wikipedia got something right. :scream:




The lady that repeats half a phrase three times (and expects the congregation to break the psalm in the same way) to lengthen her performance will here you–and she’s still trying to figure out how to get to 4!


OK, so it must be the third or seventh longest :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::scream::rofl:



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