What is the LORD?

What is the LORD philosophically, is it the fullness of nature or something of the same field as us?

in regards to science what is God Than if there isn’t a lot towards scientific proof of the existence of God?

God is not in the same plane as us. God is not some being within the universe who has all his powers maxed out. Rather, God is the very foundation of existence. This is the difference between theistic personalism and classical theism, respectively. They are two different views of God.

Science cannot measure God. God is outside the realm of science.

Here is a good diagram to show the difference between Classical Theism and Theistic Personalism:

Demiurge: a being responsible for the creation of the universe, in particular.

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does it connect well with Palamite Panentheism

This is a very, very nuanced and complicated topic, complicated insofar as there are a lot of misconceptions and it’s easy to fall into those musconceptions. I hope to be able to provide a substantive comment later.

I’m not familiar with Palamite Panentheism (though I’m pretty sure the Palamite part comes from the Eastern Orthodox) so I can’t comment on that.

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