What is the major factor that makes non-Christians hate Christianity?

what is the major factor that makes non-Christians hate Christianity?

is it differences on doctrinal issues, or is it that they (non-Christians) are more inclined to hedonism, ignorance, inability to grasp religion logically (that part I can actually sympathize with…to a point), they dont get back enough from they put in, people are selfish, lack of will, what is the major reason why people cant stand Christians nowadays?

I dont mean this in regards to conversion, just general attitude towards each other. I really would like to see some fences being mended in this senseless culture war.

I think its ignorance, lack of will to educate themselves (who WANTS to take the time?), hedonism (people arent accustomed to the joy that sacrifice brings or the satisfaction of serving), and fear. I think alot of people are afraid of what they’ll have to give up or turn away from in order to serve Christ and his Church.

I think those are the main reasons. If not, those are certainly the prevailing philosophies of society.

Im not ‘calling out’ non-Christians or agnostics or atheists. Im just trying to understand why people now days are so militant when it comes to villifying Christianity?

I think it’s more that they do not like the “evangelizing” part, which often seems a bit aggressive the way it comes from some.
In this world of many different belief systems and religions, most people want the freedom and space to believe their beliefs…and not have others try to convince them of their own, however kind the intent.

This is not a new thing. The church has been hated in every age and always will be.

Remember; Jesus said,
“If the world hates you, remember it hated me first”


I think it is more indifference than actual hatred. They just don’t want to be bothered.

I don’t think you can peg it down to any one thing, and certainly not for the individual. I work with a woman who’s mother was very mentally unwell, and her practicing of Christanity was less than charitable, as a result, this woman’s opinion of Christainity has been terribly effected by it and she hates anything and everything Christian.

Some people won’t like being told what to do, some people won’t like the idea that they’re living an “immoral” life, others don’t like the evanglisation of Chrsitainity, and others probably have had bad experiences with Christians.

Some people just don’t like us.

Anything and everything must be sacrificed to the altars of freedom and autonomy. Any system that claims that one is wrong and must walk a certain path to survive must be destroyed.


I can only go by how my personal experiences have been with “some” Christians. I emphasize the word “some” because I do have some Christian friends who don’t necessarily speak out on what I know they are thinking. However, as a result, our relationship seems to be a “caring” and “respectful” one :slight_smile:

I, along with every other Baha’i friend or acquaintance that I know, share NO animosity towards Christians. I do find some of the Christian community’s interpretation of the Bible baffling, however, there can be no doubt that the Bible is the Word of God.

I point you to two threads about the Baha’i Faith, who’s Founder, Baha’u’llah, claimed over 100 years ago to be the Return of Jesus, in the glory of the Father, and heralded the Day of Resurrection.

In the first thread:

…you can clearly see that there is no animosity from the initial poster (a Baha’i), but just look at the responses from Catholics…all based on absolute false impression of the Baha’i Faith. So I ask YOU, actually, why so angry, why? :slight_smile:

The second thread, starts with aCatholic trying to “break down” the Baha’i Faith. Why would anyone awnt to “break down” a religion, which is clearly based on purity, love, reciprocity and cooperation. Why so angry, why?? :slight_smile:


Lets not get into how many times I have been labelled the “unredeemed”, or “hell-bound” on this forum, and by Catholics outside of this forum. If the Holy Spirit manifests itself through the Church (and the Church being the body of Catholic believers), then I must say, I cannot understand how it can be so, given the “unloving” nature it can sometimes manifest itself in the deeds and words of it’s adherents.

I love Christ, I would sacrifice my life and soul for Him :thumbsup:

Some of His most stalwart representatives though…

God bless :slight_smile:


What is the major factor that makes Christians ask outrageous questions?

[Because one Christian asks an outrageous question, all Christians ask outrageous questions]

My dear friend, if everyone could be bothered, there would be no animosity in the world at all, and maybe, just maybe, you would not be an Antiochian Orthodox :slight_smile:

(speaking of which, I should google “Antiochian orthodox”)


I do think some Pagans (especially new Pagans)–most of whom have recently converted from Christianity–are (whether justified or not) angry with some Christians, which they then project onto all Christians. I was angry when I learned that there was a pedophile priest at my parish, and do you think they did anything about him? No, they just moved him to another parish! Some have been abused by Christian family members or acquaintances (who, naturally, quote Bible verses to justify that abuse). Christians are in the majority in North America, is it really that surprising that Christianity is the focal point of so much anger?

My thoughts (sense I can never leave anything unturned)

First off I don’t think catholics are especially picked on or hated in society as a whole I think different parts of society hate other parts and in the end it doesn’t matter what part of society you are SOME OTHER PART WILL HATE YOU. Also I think at hand is the I’m special idea that occurs to humans, first everyone is hated you just realize your own, also when someone treats you negatively at all (even if it is please just leave me alone) we humans tend to magnify it because well frankly are emotional side is a heck of a lot stronger then that wimp logic is.

Basically we magnify our own sufferings and don’t realize what others get. Everyone gets ****** cake, we just think everyone else’s is delicious and ours is so much worse, in reality everyone hates the cake.

Evangelists sometimes forget that their DUTY is simply to spread the GOOD News, sow seeds; conversion is the Holy Spirit’s job. In Greek “angel” is a message bearer; Ev or “Eu” is a prefix meaning “WOW!” “FANTABULOUS” not just ‘Good’ news. They (sorry WE) also forget that God has given all humanity Free Will. If someone resists conviction by the Holy Spirit, God shrugs His shoulders but STILL continues to love the resistor and hope he will turn to Jesus (and Him) of his own God-given free will. To get angry and condemn those who resist our evangelizing views is giving in to an ego trip.
I can well understand the hatred between Catholics and Protestants in Ireland: it is an issue that goes beyond religion into the mists of history. I could not understand the division as passed own to me through my Irish Catholic Grandma, but even as a youngster I grasped that I was supposed to LOVE ALL people. How else could I “convert” (yes, I thought THAT was my duty!) them unless I truly cared for their spiritual after-life. I didn’t think in those high-falutin’ thoughts back then, of course, I just didn’t want ANYONE going to Hell - and still do!
I once asked the Lord about real good people who weren’t Christians, like Gandhi. He said, “I will know them, Ian, when I judge them”, In other words, keep your schnook out!:slight_smile:

Do you have any evidence that a significant proportion of non-Christians ‘hate’ Christians? If so, what is it?

I know and know of plenty of hedonistic, ignorant, and illogical Christians. I don’t think non Christians are any more guilty or prone to that than Christians.

If I had to venture a guess, and I don’t mean to sound argumentative or insulting, I would say it’s this holier-than-thou attitude that some seem to project. But I couldn’t really say. I don’t hate Christians. I just dislike stereotype, fallacy and condescention. But those things know no religious boundaries.

I find your post confusing, possibly because you linked to the same thread each time.

If there is animosity in the thread you linked to, I was unable to find it. I did not read every post, however, I just went through and read some posts.

Before I became a Christian, I sometimes felt animosity towards “Christians.” I put that in quotation marks, because I overgeneralized and considered the worst of some Protestants to be “Christianity”. The obnoxious guy who shouted outside the building while we were taking classes, forcing us to close the windows on a hot day… the fanatical, in-your-face gal who would follow us down the street yelling at us… etc.

And in fact, these people *were *obnoxious, but they weren’t “Christianity.” I was wrong to generalize from the few I met or the worst I heard about to *all *Christians.

There were some other factors, tho. They claimed to have The Truth, which I was searching for, but it did not all mesh. As Protestants, they did not have a clear line of authority and taught conflicting “truths.” Their explanations lacked a lot of logic (Say this prayer and you will get to Heaven no matter what you do).

Eventually, I did start to believe in God, and I became a “mere Christian,” as CS Lewis puts it. I found a source for more detailed explanations, and it made more sense.

But after 2 years of that, there still seemed to be a lot missing. I ran across a book which explained more about Christian theology and returned to the Church my family had left when I was a child.

So I would say that some people “hate” Christianity because what they know of it is not the part that is good: the people they run across are not considerate and do not explain well.

Additionally, there is a strain in American social thinking which is to denigrate people who dedicate themselves to things we cannot see. To dedicate oneself to finding a cure for cancer, that makes sense; to dedicate ourselves to serving God–not so much. We admire the vegetarian who gives up meat for the sake of mistreated animals; we scratch our heads at the one who says they don’t eat meat on Friday.

America is not as tolerant as some would like us to believe…

According to Justin the martyr first apology, the demons who hate the truth want that human hate the true faith as well. So the reason for the hate is because Christianity is the only one truth.

My goodness, not only do we all hate Christians, we’re doing it because we’re demoniacally-controlled. :smiley:

Yes but is there any evidence that this hate exists to any significant extent? Surely that should be established before you start discussing demons?

In old Church documents(like Justin the Martyr I already mentioned), I have often seen statements that false religions are under demonic influence.

I did not say that everyone who is not Catholic hates Christianity, but sometimes they do and that the primary source for this hate are the demons.

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