What is the meaning of these virtues?




Do mean what is the meaning of each one, or what do they mean overall?



The CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church) talks about each of these, so if you are up for that, you could look each up in the index. They should all be there. An online index for it is here.

I’ll comment on Prudence. That is one of the four cardinal virtues which help us in our moral life. It is the one that helps us easily know what to do in situations. If we have a lot of it, then when we are confronted with tough decisions, we easily see the right path. God’s way is more clear to us. I, well, I won’t say just how much I lack this virtue.:stuck_out_tongue:


faith hope and charity are the theological virtues, those which govern our relationship with God.

prudence, justice, temperance and fortitude are the cardinal virtues (on which all other virtues are based) which govern our relationship with other people.


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