What is the message of Christianity?


So I came across this article and here is a paragraph from that article. What do you guys think is the message of Christianity?

The message of Christianity isn’t one of God wanting to better this life for humanity. It is one of warning of a terrible fate in store for those who continue on the road of sin. We are told by God’s Word that there are two deaths on the highway to Hell. The first death is when we leave the storms of this life and pass into timeless eternity. The second death is the chasm of eternal damnation. It is the terrifying justice of a holy God.


God exists… God is wholly trustworthy, just, good, and loving, and is worthy of our love and obedience. He’s always desired man’s happiness above all else and promises an eternal life of unimaginable joy and happiness for those who love Him, for those who choose life. And while He won’t force us to make that choice, He nevertheless helps us, giving us the grace sufficient for making it.


I think the message of Christianity can be found in the whole of St. John’s Gospel.


God so loved the world that he humbled himself to take on his created form (human) that we might not be afraid, that we too might learn to love.


Jesus Christ Is Our Father’s Simple Plan for Salvation Since Before Time Began.



Love God with all you mind, all your soul, all you heart, and all yor strength, and love your neighbor as yourself for the love of God.


That can be expressed in a concise way and also a massive explanation as well. But to make this concise…

The message is that there is a God who created everything. And God has chosen to reveal himself. God spoke in different ways to different people in different ages. In the very beginning man fell into sin, which separated man from God. And ever since then God has tried to restore his relationship with man. Man has failed every atempt God made to restore, so God made the ultimate attempt to restore that relationship in which He became man and dwelt among men. He established a Church which was led by chosen men in order to build up a body of a people of God to be a light in a fallen world. He then paid the price of man’s sins by dying the death that man deserved. He rose from the dead in order to give assurance to his people that they too would one day rise. He ascended back into Heaven but sent his Spirit to guide his people the Church. This Church is promised to last until the end of the world so that the world has a means to find the one true God. And the Lord promises to come again at the end of the world to put an end to evil once and for all and to raise his people from the dead and live eternally together in forever eternity.


“Love one another as I have loved you”.

Jesus love the whole world (sinners, outcasts, thieves) He practiced tough love (overturning the moneychanger’s tables in the temple, telling people to turn from sin) and He loved selflessly (He died for us).

This one sentence represents a lifetime of doubt, difficulty, self sacrifice and hardship for your average Christian. I know that I struggle with this daily. Some people are just plain hard to love! I am reminded of the words of my parish priest; “pray hardest for the benefit of those you find it hard to love”.

But does that have to include Irish politicians?!?!! :mad:


The message of Christianity is one of GOOD NEWS: God’s love and forgiveness, with us and for us. It is about life not death.


By sacrificing himself on the cross, Christ redeemed the world from our sins and our sinful nature.


The first statement is a contradiction to the rest. It says that Christianity doesn’t want to better life for humans. (Actually that is not true as Jesus said I have come that they may have life abundantly). However the first statement contradicts the rest because he talks about being saved from the road of sin. If the road of sin leads to destruction and Christianities message saves us from that then it is indeed a better life to be saved from hell, don’t you think? But, at any rate Christianity is more than about being saved from something. It is about being saved for something. That is it is about realizing union with God. Ultimately, it is about love, about God’s love for us, and how we can enter into that love. The greatest thing is love and that should be the ultimate goal. We are not simply running from something. We are running towards something, and that is love.


Do you only want Christian answers?


Everyone is entitled to have their opinion. It’s an open forum after-all.


The mission of God is to deliver mankind from his fallen nature. period!

God did the work of creation, then created man to have dominion over His creations. But man fell as a result of sin, and became short of the glory of God.
God’s mission to redeem mankind thus began, and was climaxed by the coming of Christ and his death on the cross.
The Holy Spirit is doing the work of God by revealing to mankind who Christ is. When one gets this revelation, spiritual renewal starts.
The church provides warmth and nourishment for spiritual growth.


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