What is the minimum requirement to join Church?

Blessed morning. I have researched this matter several times, but can find no agreement among Catholics, including priests, as to what is minimally required to join (or remain faithful) as a Catholic. Some say one must believe everything the Church says, even if one has not learned what all the Church teaches (the Church says it; it is, therefore, correct teaching). Others say there is a minimum amount of basic doctrine (the Creed) and some distinctives to be believed, and the person is then free to grow by his own conscience in understanding Catholic teaching. But what is the OFFICIAL declaration of the Church as to what is necessary, especially since most Catholics don’t agree with everything and yet can still take the Eucharist. Thank you.

Dear friend,

Why such concern with the minimum? The Lord held nothing back; He gave the maximum. To be a Catholic is to embrace the teaching authority of the Church which it received directly from Him. This means accepting all that it teaches. It’s really not complicated IF one wants to hold nothing back from the Lord. Thousands of saints have done this through the ages.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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