What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever done?


Are you brave enough to answer the question?




Booooo. :ghost::ghost::ghost: What a chicken. :slight_smile:


Cluck cluck cluck.


I’m not afraid to tell mine, but someone else has to go first.


Ok, second most…

In 7th and 8th grade I was in charge of the milk cooler. The principal (nun) let me borrow her keys to open and close it before and after lunch.

One day, it started snowing heavily. The principal decided to close school at noon. She then asked for her keys.

O, no. Where are they? I had lost them in the snow. Akkkkk. I’m going to be killed. I hunted and hunted. No keys. Fessed up, told sister I lost them in the snow.

We both looked. Looked. Looked some more.

At one point, I slipped in the snow, skidding a few feet. When I got up, there, buried in the snow where I slipped, we’re the keys.

I sheepishly gave the keys back to the principal. She actually didn’t quite kill me.

I walked home, thanking my guardian angel the whole way.



Bravo! I always knew St. Anthony had a sense of humor.

I would have cast you to make a guest appearance on A Christmas Story!


Errrr, your turn.



So I was the equipment manager for the boy’s High School basketball team. There was a game on Friday night (or somethiing like that) maybe it was a tournament, and that got me all fouled up. Can’t remember for sure.

As I’m in charge of various things to keep the team supplied and such, I decided to go down to the guy’s locker room where we were suiting up and showering etc. There was one little problem, however.

So , I slink downstairs, thinking it was between games and no one would yet be in there. But there was someone in there. It was our high school GIRL’S basket ball team and they were all in the process of just finishing showering, etc. I took one step around the corner and into the locker and hmmmm… I turned about 7 shades of red in .3 tenths of a second accompanied by an orchestra of high pitched screams from a fair number of some rather surprised and very unclad personages. I was so embarassed, I turned right back around at something approaching the speed of light. No one said anything after the incident, but I was exceedingly mortified, to say the least!


I can see that, so to speak. I would probably have screamed too.

Good one.


My turn at my primary school to put the pies on to heat for lunch,boil the jug to make the Principles tea (huge school of 30) sat back down and everyone started sniffing something burning…the jug!No water …:weary::sob:
The bearded principle in his tie ,shorts n socked sandals (70’s fashion) was fuming spittle and made me walk to the school residents house and apologise to his wife for ruining
her jug.She was soo sweet and and said 'Oh (name) that doesn’t matter at all!Dont be worried about it " :slight_smile:


When I was an altar boy, probably in the 5th or 6th grade, we had an old Polish priest serving at our parish. It turns out he had been quite heroic during World War II, resisting the Nazis and twice arrested with a death sentence, but I didn’t know any of this at the time. I just knew he had a funny accent. Anyway, whenever I served his 6:30 a.m. daily Mass he would have me act as lector, reading the first reading and responsorial psalm. Uncomfortable with public speaking, I can still remember my knees shaking as I read from the lectern. There were only maybe a dozen pious gray-haired congregants who seemed unperturbed with my reading, but I still felt very self-conscious.

This is only one of many embarrassing things I’ve done that are forever burned in my memory, and probably not the most embarrassing, but it is one that I consider acceptable to share here!


Years ago I left a curler in the back of my hair and went to work like that on public transit.


Bishop Sheen dropped a crystal glass wine cruet on the cold stone floor of the cathedral when as an altar boy he was serving mass for the Bishop. He said the sound of it shattering into a million pieces was just a wee bit noticeable by all, least of which the Bishop. But the Bishop was very good spirited about the whole thing. :slight_smile:

The bishop turned and looked at him. But instead of replying in anger, he gently smiled and whispered, “Someday you will be a priest."



I can’t put it here, just too embarrassing!


Hehe, I tend to be a bit dreamy, and sometimes I’ll get lost in my thoughts at the worst times! (>__<)
This can be super embarrassing and lead to a lot of silly stuff!
A couple examples:

The other day I was walking along in the park close to my house, and I ran into a bush
-Not only that, but then, without thinking… I apologized to the bush! like, “Sorry dude.” :flushed:
(I’m picturing some lady watching me and saying to her husband, “Harold, dear, why is that girl speaking to a bush?” )

Another time, I was talking with some friends, wasn’t paying attention where I was going…and (EEK!) ran into a wall.
YEP. That happened!

Sometimes I crack myself (And probably others) up! :blush:


OK this one I can put here because I was younger when this happened. There is a gravel road on the side of my parents’ house. I was probably in my early teens. Well, some guy comes down the gravel road riding a motorcycle and I’m running in the yard playing with my brothers and sisters. I turn to look at the cute guy on the motorcycle and BAM run into the metal clothesline post. OUCH! That was a painful lesson to learn.


I have, at times, been lost so deep in thought that I don’t even see what is directly in front of me. Did this with a bycyclist recently who just missed me. :slight_smile:

One of my college friends was going for a walk and noticed a pretty girl walking by the other way, he turned his head to look back at her and ran directly into a light pole laying him out on the ground on his back. Thankfully, the girl, did not see this unfold, I believe.


Oh golly, glad I’m not the only one this kinda stuff happens to! Blushes (^___^)
And owwwww, that would have hurt! :flushed:


When I was about 8 I came down hard on my ankle while on a seesaw…
every so often that ankle gives way over the years and I’ll just suddenly sink to the ground,like trying
to do a dissapearing act.Some of the more memorable times were in a crowded street in Nairobi
and at an open day at the Universaty back home .It might happen once a year ,but it’s a pretty good
little lesson in humility…like the time I didn’t realise I had chocolate on my face while talking to someone…:scream::grimacing:

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