What is the most interesting (strange) life story you have ever read?

i just saw the movie Scarface and it is one of the strangest stories i have ever heard … because this guy was a killer and really into making $…seemed that was all he really cared about… yet, even without a big conversion experience…(he was still in the drug racket)… he sacrificed his life (or must have known that his actiions would involve that) by saving the life of a family (he was willing to kill the father who was going international with news about the corruption and drug-dealing in Bolivia [the govt was involved] … but he wasn’t willign to kill the man’s wife & children). He shot the guy who was trying to blow up their car, to keep him from pushing the button that would detonate the bomb.

In so doing he did severe damage to the drug lord’s business… he should have known it would cost him his life…

very strange…

It’s a movie. Fiction. How is that a life story?


it is not fiction…

or maybe there are fictionalized details but the story is true… unless you know something i don’t…

i just found out that the story was based on truth… .but i got no details as to what was truth and waht fiction… :confused:

I should have known such heroism was totally unrealistic… (meaning: i don’t think that part of the movie was true… but I guess i could be wrong…)

In any case, now that that life story is out of the question (at least until i find out more)…

… the Strangest Life Ever Lived is:

***MINE!! ***



In answer to the OP, Billy Tipton.



June and Jennifer Gibbons


Both of these bios are true and extremely strange and very interesting.

madalyn Murray o’Hair!!!


Very strange… how God works in a person’s life…

(and Satan too… :eek: :()

Depends whether you saw the 1932 film (loosely (very) based on life of Al Capone) or the 1983 one (allegedly a remake of the 1932 one but even more loosely based on Capone’s life to the point of being totally fictional)

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