What is the most significant change happening in the Church this generation?


What is the most significant change happening in the Church this generation? Why?


I would say the younger generation (born in the 1980s or later) are generally more conservative and are not following in the footsteps of the generally more liberal previous generations.

Also we are in the “information age” where the internet/EWTN/Catholic Answers/etc is helping spread the Catholic Faith to people and areas who previously only “learned” about the faith from not so reliable sources.


I would say it is a combination of the Baby Boomers being edged out of the driver’s seat (“Spirit of Vatican II” yadda yadda yadda) in many American parishes and the influx of refugees from Protestant communities which have abandoned their mission for the sake of secularism.

That compared with back-to-back amazing Popes is causing a lot of folks to come home to Rome.


Although we may not always see how this directly affects us, I think the growth of the Catholic Church is Africa is stunning. This could influence the Church and the world for generations to come. I’m not giving that my final vote, but thought I would throw that out there.

I would like to see what others say.


It is that amazing “phenomenon” called Providence which ensures the Church will continue to grow, even in the most unlikely places, especially amid persecutions.


I’d say a return to orthodoxy and orthopraxy after the decades-long “hangover” known as the “Spirit of Vatican II” (which more often than not was in direct conflict with the Documents of Vatican II). Vatican II was hijacked by people with a certain agenda before the council was even closed, but that is clearly being turned around now (not that it won’t be a long process).


Yes, as Europe apostatizes Asia and Africa are gaining converts. It’s similar to what happened during the Reformation. As large parts of Europe rejected orthodoxy for heresy, the Faith was being brought to the Americas.

It seems to me that each part of the world is being given its “hay day” of faith before the end. I look forward to the day when we have an Asian or African pope. It would bring a fresh perspective to the glories of orthodoxy, which is the way we are currently headed, thanks be.


Yep… that’s a huge one, especially for the Church in the west.

To what extent has the “Spirit of Vatican II” (in the incorrect sense) permeated other countries? Is it fair to say that the U.S. got hit the worst, but now we are starting to get back on track?


As other have pointed pointed, the loss of many heterodox by attrition (death) is helping return the Church to a more orthodox and socially relevant force in much of the world.

But there will be serious losses, victories and changes.

Much of Europe will utterly lost for generations. Canada will also be lost for a few generations.

Africa will grow more and more influential.

The Church will spread in China, but few other places in Asia.

The Philippines will face more and more pressure from Islam and Moslem extremists.

Islam will become a more and more dominating force in Europe and the USA. Except for China, Japan and Korea, the rest of Asia and the Pacific will be lost to them.

In the USA, the Church will shrink significantly. Within a few years, to be a faithful Catholic will be more difficult as Catholics become social pariahs.

As a result, the faithful Catholics will become more insular, perhaps even to the point for forming lay communities where faithful Catholic can live and work in peace. Were such communities (by “communities” I mean that in every sense everything from Opus Dei to commune like places) to actually develop, they would be a great source of religious vocations and promote personal holiness.

I should add that I personally expect a major, widespread war sometime in the next 10-15 years. It will not go well for Europe.


I think the problem is pretty evenly spread throughout the Church. Some errors will be more prevalent in the West (USA, Canada, Europe), but no geographic or cultural region has been immune.


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