What is the "mystery religion" of Babylon in Revelation...?

What is the “mystery religion” of Babylon? Why is it associated with the Catholic Church?

Are We Living in the End Times? , co-authored by Jenkins and laced with excerpts from the Left Behind series, is cut from the same anti-Catholic cloth.

Writing about the “Mystery Babylon religion,” the authors make the remarkable and unsubstantiated claim that “[e]very false religion in the world can be traced back to Babylon.” Babylon “is the mother of all false religions and Jerusalem is the mother of true faith,” while Rome “is the mother of an unholy mixture of the two” (172). The history of Christianity’s demise into pagan practices such as “prayers for the dead, making the sign of the cross, worship of saints and angels, instituting the mass, and worship of Mary” are presented in breathless Chickean fashion (173–174).

Also to note:

In Revelation Unveiled, Lahaye uses the traditional Fundamentalist tactic of correlating the church of Thyatira (Rev. 2:18–29) with the “Pagan Church” of Rome. This apostate Church mixed paganism with Christianity, which resulted in the Dark Ages and the existence of “Babylonian mysticism,” a term used repeatedly to describe Catholicism. Boettner’s infamous list of “doctrines” is provided (66), including the especially horrible practices of using holy water and singing the Ave Maria.


Is there a better answer besides “Catholicism” that fits this mystery religion?

Baiting is a foolish game… espeicially when the fish are aware that there is a line behind the bait…

I am of a minority opinion that “Babylon” in Revelation refers to apostate Jerusalem and the events of Revelation principally regard the fall of Jerusalem in A.D. 70 but the more traditional and majority opinion is that it refers to pagan Rome prior to its conversion to Christianity in the A.D. 300s.

Although “Babylon” in Revelation is identified as a “city” numerous times and never as a “religion,” by referring it the religion of Catholicism, the Protestant Reformers (and their spiritual descendants today) found justification for leaving Catholicism in the words of Revelation 18:4: “Then I heard another voice from heaven say: ‘Depart from her, my people, for fear of sinning with her and sharing the plagues inflicted on her.’”

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