What is the name of Mary,Mother or Father.

Can any one tell me the name of Mary the Mother of Our Lord ,Mother or Father name…

The parents of Mary are traditionally thought to have been Saints Joachim and Anne.


Traditionally the names of the BVM’s parents are St. Joachim and St. Anne.

Do you mean St. Anne and St. Joachim?

I check your profile why are you not a Cathloic, RCIA statred in Sept

Then it hasn’t started yet!:wink: But in the church I attend RCIA doesn’t start until October 1.

You not going to love because Imiss it by a month, LOL well you can get in Oct. I,ll be praying for you.

Thank you, I’ll keep you in my prayers, as well.:slight_smile:

Oh - was this a Catholic trivia question? :smiley:

It is thought that Mary’s actual name was Miriam which means rebeliousness. Meri is a nickname for Miriam and means rebellion.

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