What is the name of the heresy which says Jesus had a body as the eternal Son in etrnity?

so that the son had a double nature from the beginning? is there one? I thought I read about it, and in the back of my mind it looks like Mormonism but i may be wrong.

Do you know of anything like this? And it would be a philosophical and theological misunderstanding of time and eternity, along with the incarnation.

I believe that is: Monophysitism or Eutychianism

See their entry in Wikipedia for more information: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Christian_heresies#Medieval


Mormonism does not teach that the Son had doubled natures from the beginning. So it’s not them.

@runningdude, Monophysitism teaches that the human nature of Christ combined with his God nature to form one single nature. So it’s not that. And Eutychianism is a form of Monophysitism which teaches that Christ Divinity “absorbed” or “consumed” his humanity. So it’s not that either.

I don’t think there is any heresy that teaches Christ had two natures from the beginning. You may have miss read it or remembered it wrong. That can happen. However if it does exist, it was probably very small and died quickly seeing that not much theologians know about it. Or it was some Gnostic sect that was among the thousands of other Gnostic sects.

In that case, the heresy of Christ having a dual nature from the beginning is a special case of the heresy of the preexistence of the human soul before conception.

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