What is the name of the Saint that helps senior people


The reason I am asking this question is because I need special help in keeping my senior dad from falling and hurting himself at home. My mom wants to take care of him at home. He has a morning care giver and an evening care giver. But when they go home I worry about my dad falling. He just sits all day long and when he tries to walk he sometimes falls down.
I prefer that he be in a nursing home but my mom wishes to keep him home for just one more month until his 96th birthday.

I do pray to God and all the saints I can think of to pray to and I also visualize sending an angel to keep my dad safe.

Any ideas? Luci


How about your dad’s guardian angel. JPII hasn’t been declared a saint yet, but he certainly would understand the difficulties your father is having.


Katy, Thank you for your answer. Yes, I have already sent Angels to keep an eye on my dad. I am afraid of him falling down and hurting himself. He fell last night but didn’t get hurt and my mom called the para-medics to pick him up because he is a big man.
He can’t really be in a nursing home because he is in good health and my mom wants to keep him home.

I went to visit Pope John Paul II in May 1996. I took him a painting that I had painted as a gift. He did write me a letter stating he would pray for me and my family.
He has already done a miracle so I plan to pray to him to keep my dad safe until it is his time to cross over.

The prayer and blessing of Pope John Paul II
"I leave you now with this prayer, that the Lord Jesus will reveal himself to each one of you, he will show you that he alone can fill your hearts. God bless you and the joy of Jesus be always with you!"
I can see that he was very close to Jesus before he died.
He also had angels protecting him during his later years.

Thank you for showing me the path I must take in prayer. Lucia


Sts. Anne and Joachim are the patrons of the senior citizens parish clubs down here, and very good ones I might add. Does not your dad qualify for a caregiver under medicare? can you help your mom find this assistance?


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