What is the name of this sin?

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I’m trying to remember the name of the sin of loving food too much, being extremely particular about food, having to eat only very fine foods, etc.

It’s not gluttony (although that certainly may be a related sin, too) but it’s another word that I just can’t recall.

Any help would be appreciated!

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In his Summa Theologica (Part 2-2, Question 148, Article 4), St. Thomas Aquinas reiterated the list of five ways to commit gluttony:
Laute - eating food that is too luxurious, exotic, or costly
Nimis - eating food that is excessive in quantity
Studiose - eating food that is too daintily or elaborately prepared
Praepropere - eating too soon, or at an inappropriate time
Ardenter - eating too eagerly.

All of these would have to be looked at in context. With the exception of excess eating (which is the only thing the Church teaches) I do not see how any of the others in the list are sinful (taken at face value).
For example, if a husband is eating costly food in expensive restaurants and depriving his family of needs then I would say that is sinful but if such a family are well off and not deprived of anything then eating costly food cannot be sinful.

I would not seek to discredit St. Thomas Aquinas in cases where one has the money to burn on food. The one message I get from Pope Francis is that we ought to live modestly regardless of the luxury that is available to us.

I feel guilty because I bought some audio gear that was quite expensive ($1,400). I know that most people on this forum will say that I’m being scrupulous, but I really believe that God judges me with a high degree of scrutiny. I really could have done without it.

I’m in no way trying to discredit him. I’m simply saying context and circumstances apply.
An at face statement that eating costly food is wrong or sinful should not be made. The Church does not teach that.
As for your last point see your other thread on this.

It’s best not to eat at all, just in case…

You put “which is the only thing the church teaches,” but I do not say that is true, especially as it is the Angelic Doctor who puts forward this modalities of the sin Gluttony.

Your answer is found in the post above. God bless you.

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