What is the name of this?


This is my second time posting this because someone removed my other thread. I don’t know why it would be removed. I heard this during the liturgy and wanted to see if someone could identify it.

Audio recording here:



I listened to it and it doesn’t sound familiar to me. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.


Its definitely a Hymn is it in Italian rather than Latin, sorry don’t know the name,


To me it sounds like Andre Boccelli.


It is the ancient Lenten hymn Parce Domine. If you listen closely you can hear the refrain sung twice

Parce, Domine,
Parce populo tuo:
Ne in aeternum
irascaris nobis.

An English translation would be

Spare, O Lord,
Spare Your people,
Do not be angry with us forever

I could not make out the verses. They might be in English. Either way they didn’t seem to match the traditional verses.

I find it hauntingly beautiful.

From the background sounds, I think if might be being sung at communion time.


If my memory serves me correctly, I believe it is sometimes used at funerals also.


Definitely not Andrea Boccelli .

Andrea Boccelli can sing . :smiley:


Thank you everyone for helping me identify the name of the hymn. :cool:


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