What is the new - "opiate of the masses"

the Famous quote from Karl Marx is that, “religion is the opium (or opiate) of the masses”…

With the decline of religious influence in secular society - is the quote still valid???
If not, what is the “opiate of the masses”…


Latin and incense?


Oh not that kind of mass!:blush:

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Karl Marx is … Incorrect. The opiate of the masses is clearly good intentions–lacking results.


Pleasure is. In fact, it’s always been. The very use of the term “opiate”, referring to a drug, clearly shows this.

Marx had a very short-sighted understanding of religion, for religion is not about pleasure, it’s not about being comfy, it’s about finding peace amidst tribulation, hope amidst despair, light amidst darkness… though from his standpoint (that is, from the standpoint of one calling to a dictatorship of one social class over another one, to be established through a violent conflict) it sort of makes sense: Christians would never have followed it. In fact, most followers of God would have considered it immoral to do so.

Christianity has never established that one must quietly accept that one’s basic rights be violated. Christ Himself, when slapped, did reply to the guard with words that left him spellbound, and when the guards went to arrest him in the temple, we ignore what he replied, but we know they came back and replied to their leaders: “We could not arrest him. No man has ever spoken like this man”. And even the powerful Roman prefect tried all he could to avoid putting Him to death. The Church has always condemned oppression, first of slaves, then of workers and of the poor, as sins so grave that “cry to God for vengeance” (notice the harsh word, vengeance). And back in the early days, we’ve seen Christians (from Peter and Paul through all the martyrs) do everything but be slaves of tyrants, all the while honoring legitimate authority.

In the long run, “wisdom is justified by its works” We know that of the two, one has lead to terrible dictatorships in which all basic freedoms have been repressed, and in which amazingly enough we find large sectors of the population defending such state of things. That one, then, proved to be a true opium of the masses :shrug:

My Pastor would say it is “the rectangle”. It comes in all sizes so we never have to be without it. We carry it in our pockets, we act instantly when it contacts us, we place it in every room in our homes, we look to it to tell us what to eat, what to drive, what to wear and how to think.

So true…sadly…

OooohhhhhH…I LIKE that…:thumbsup:


Marx was wrong…

Please read my signature, I have a word to say about this:

ATHEISM is the NEW opiate of the masses

Atheism is the opium of the masses.

AND Moral Relativism.

The government, of course.

It sends me a social security check, pays for my healthcare via Medicare, provides an EITC if your income isn’t too high, provides unemployment insurance, and free cell phones, and has a host of federal agencies designed to meet my every need.

Opiate indeed.

I like to say voting, which the communists had, or democracy is the opiate of the masses. Through the act of voting we feel as if we have some control over the force of government. Voting leads man into thinking the government is him and his will. Man will put up will all sorts of suffering if he believes his voice is heard through voting. But the reality is the state is a separate entity. It has a life of its own. It is not ever controlled by any one man, or even a group of men at the ballot box.

I think this is more in line with what Marx was saying, though he was never a very clear writer. For Marx it seemed religion was an illusion, created by man, which gives him false happiness.

I would say televison and the internet is the opiate of the masses in many ways. Think of all the time that people devote to television and the internet. If people even devoted half of that time to productive things, so much could be accomplished.


Non-belief in a supernatural God provides very little in the way of comfort.

In fact, I would posit that most Atheists spend very little time thinking about their unbelief.

Twitter. :stuck_out_tongue:

Strip Clubs
Topless Bars

and anything having to do with sex outside of marriage, including certain movies and TV shows.

That and eating waaay too many snack/junk foods.


Really? I thought it was Lady Gaga and Facebook. :rolleyes:

Oh and internet memes… yesh. Teh memes.

Hey now, the jobs of my entire department rely on how well you interact with those rectangles!! >_<;;

The opiate of the masses is a rabid consumerism. Millions will flock to stores on Thanksgiving evening and Black Friday to get “bargains” on things they really don’t need, but simply want. Consumerism, ugly as it is, is what keeps the economy going.

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