What is the official Bible of the Episcopal Church?


I know that the Church of England used the KJV in the past. Do they still use it? What is the official Bible of the Episcopal Church in the USA? What is the official Bible of the Anglican Church in other countries?


I used to attend an Episcopal Church. We used various translations of th Bible. I think the readings were from the NRSV.

Now I’m curious enough to go look for my BCP to see what translation of the Bible is used there.


There is no official Bible as such, these days, though the norm was the authorized version. That’s what is used in the 1928 Book of Common Prayer, save for the Psalms.



I used to serve as a lay-reader in an Episcopal church, and we used an NRSV lectionary.


What translation were the Psalms from?


Miles Coverdale’s. And fine they are, too.


Did Coverdale translate the entire Bible or just the Psalms? If he did translate the entire Bible, is the translation available?


The NRSV was used in every Episcopal church I’ve attended (though when I visited the cathedral in Louisville it was youth Sunday and they were using the Message), but I don’t think it’s mandatory. The 1979 BCP has its own translation of the Psalms–basically a revision of Coverdale. Not bad, though nothing can beat “Blow up the trumpet with a merry noise”!

And yes, Coverdale actually was responsible for the first complete printed Bible in English. He revised Tyndale’s translations and incorporated them into his own work.



I don’t believe that there is an official version. I’ve seen the RSV used alot. In the Episcopal Church I used to attend (low church evangelical) people generally used the NIV and, in fact, the church had NIVs in the pew racks. Only Episcopal Church I’ve ever visited that actually had bibles in the pew. Gotta be others I know, but unfortunately not in my experience…


I’ve been to services at an Episcopal Church where the Jerusalem Bible was used. Of course, that was many years ago.


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