What is the official position of Medjegorie


Sorry if I havn’t spelled it quite right. I am interested to know what the official position is on the alleged apparitions.

I ask the question because if it is not regarded as authentic then ‘who or what is it the Visionaries see’?

What alternative explanations are there for this phenomena?

In our parish there are lots of visits every year by trads and libs alike. Some go over there for several weeks at a time. It has become apparent that I have never been. The fact is that until Rome pronounces on it, I am not sure whether to accept it.

On the other hand, I do not want to ignore the BVM. What a dilemma. What is the official position?


Medjugorie is UNAPPROVED and so cannot be discussed in these forums. However, for your info before the thread is closed, three Bishops Commissions have investigated it and found that there is NO evidence of any supernatural appearances of Mary.


Please accept my sincere apologies for raising the question. I had no idea it was not allowed. I withdraw my question.


Does the Catholic Church have a list of approved apparitions?

Just curious.


this might help you.

It has approved and others. Just see the legends to tell which ones are approved.



Promoting unapproved apparitions

and revelations (those not approved by the Church for private or public devotion) or alleged private locutions

So, I think that it is fine to ask the question…We are simply not allowed to enter into discussions of it, or promote it, etc.
At least,:slight_smile: I think that’s right…**


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