What is the opinion of the Catholics on Benny Hinn?

There are many TV evangelists, who are really good and hold on to many Catholics especially elderly people, whose only source of listening to Bible is through Benny Hinn and some others.

Question is, is it ok to listen to his TV programs or is it not good at all? and why?

From Wiki:

In 1999, Hinn appeared on the Trinity Broadcasting Network, claiming that God had given him a vision predicting the resurrection of thousands of dead people after watching the network—laying out a scenario of people placing their dead loved ones’ hands on TV screens tuned into the station—and suggesting that TBN would be "an extension of Heaven to Earth.”[citation needed].

Now, I know wiki isn’t the best source, but if true, this is pretty bizarre.

No, I don’t think so. Tune into EWTN instead. :slight_smile:

Benny Hinn used to be good, but lately, there are lot of bad stuff he’s done, including unbiblical preaching and other stuff. My friend had been following him and his personal life until she found out his other side. But i am not here to tell bad stuff about others, just so you know his purpose is not the same as before, I just suggest you not to watch or listen to him. Whether or not you still listen, it’s up to you of course, although i still hope you won’t. And please don’t ask me his other side, I don’t like and can’t tell sorry :frowning:

Please don’t. :frowning:

He isn’t what he seems.

I second the thought of EWTN as a better option!~:D

I try to avoid just about every television religious person,
Because they do it as a business enterprise ,
They sound impressive, that’s because they want your help to purchase a new Lear jet of an extension to their mansion, plus listening to them I get a migraine lol

I think he is a fraud who preys on the vulnerable.

Now that opinion may not be charitable or Catholic, but it’s mine, based on observation.

These guys that make a show of healing folks and speaking in “tongues” at will are deceivers and possibly in my opinion false prophets. Its all about the almighty dollar. If they truly had the gift from God to heal why are they not at the hospital? Oh I forgot, no glitzy stage and hundreds of people stuffing the collection plate.


He is definitely not what he thinks he is…I can’t listen to him at all!!

I personally am a huge fan of Sr. Briege McKenna


He preaches the Prosperity Gospel and a member of the Word of Faith movement. Both are considered to be heretical and unbibilical. I would advice against it to to each their own. :slight_smile:

The guy is a crook, Snake oil salesman, who cares about NOTHING except his wallet. Avoid him at all costs there are so many better options.

Benny Hinn is NOT Catholic and therefore what Catholics think of him is probably just academic. He gives Charismatic a bad name, I should say, and for those who are not quite in agreement with the Charismatic movements, Benny Hinn does not help at all.

I saw one of his video tapes in the early days and what I noticed was his wrist watch. I just sense something was not quite right with him. Not that wearing an expensive watch, in and by itself is wrong, but there was something about it in Benny Hinn that did not seem right. The rest was history.

If you are curious, you can turn it to his program to have an idea of what he is doing. Do not make it a habit though and I would not recommend a Catholic to follow them seriously.

God bless.

There are several videos exposing the fraud of Benny Hinn including one by Dateline . I suggest people see him as the crook he is…preying on the weak and vulnerable.


He’s a nut.

What is the opinion of The Catholics on Benny Hinn? Well, I think you will get varied opinion. I have experienced Benny Hinn’s miracle crusades personally when I was a kid. And I use to watch his program a lot.

I was raised protestant. I have been to at least 2 different Benny Hinn Miracle crusades in Anaheim. My Grandmother use to watch him daily when I was a kid and was the one who took me to his miracle crusades. I have seen people running around in the isles at these miracle crusades like they have been cured of something. I can recall Benny Hinn telling the entire arena full of people to stand up then when he waved his hand or whatever we were supposed to be slain in The Spirit and fall back into our chairs. I don’t know if it was only me but I certainly did not feel anything and only feigned falling back into my chair somehow because Benny Hinn waved his hand at us and the power of God came over us. On the flip side… One time I remember the entire area was silent and I heard a loud thundering sound rumbling throughout the arena. I remember thinking it was God as a child. I still remember that sound to this day. Though I suppose it could have been faked somehow. But I honestly, to this day, am too afraid to dismiss that it could have actually been God making his presence known. Like I said… I just do not know. I am not saying whether it was or was not. I am comfortable just saying that I do not know.

When I use to watch Benny Hinn on Tv, I can recall him actually saying a few times that he had a vision or something from God and the Jesus himself was going to appear on stage on one of his crusades. I watched him for years and he never made a claim like that but then suddenly he was making this claim. I remember he named the specific Crusade. But after that crusade came and went, He never mentioned whether Jesus showed up or not. Neither did The Trinity Broadcasting Network (which Benny Hinn was and I am sure is still heavily involved with) Now, if Jesus did not “Physically appear” on stage as Benny Hinn prophesied… DOESNT THAT MAKE HIM A FALSE PROPHET? And I am not sure if Benny Hinn does actually claim That Jesus himself showed up. Maybe that is something to look into. But he really did claim that about Jesus. I remember it. I am sure it is out there if you look it up. I remember questioning my Grandmother about that and she told me “Oh, he meant Jesus would be there in Spirit” NO!!! That is not what he said. He said “Physically” not “Spiritually” I wonder how many people also try to defend him by saying that.

I choose to not pay attention to Benny Hinn but at the same time, not put him down. I can only form a opinion about him from my personal experience of watching his show and going to his crusades.

I’d encourage pi to watch he video link I posted and add that to your formulation. See the people who are extremely disabled being turned away. They don’t fit into “his miracle fraud”.

When was the last time you saw a paraplegic get out of their chair and walk away at his show. The answer is never…just asked bodied people and a few actors.

He is a crook and should be in prison.

Exactly. DH’s cousin took her child with CP…trach, g-tube, shunt. Drove 8 hrs to be turned away.


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